Mar 27, 2014

The ABCs of Me

I know you're all dying to know everything there is to know about me, so I stole this fun little post from Julie @ Just the Joy's. She posted it yesterday and I love these kinds of posts. They allow you to learn more about other bloggers, and maybe even something about yourself.

A - Age: 24
B - Birthday: August 21st. Write it down.
C - Color: green.
D - Drink: Wine. Kidding... sort of. I try to drink at least 100oz of water per day. I tried to do this before I was pregnant and its especially important now that I'm breastfeeding. I can conquer the world with the right amount of Diet Mountain Dew though. Crystal Light Energy is pretty important too.
E - Eyes: Green
F - Flashback: Most of my flashbacks when I'm sitting in my office are of my dad since it was his office. One particular memory that I always think about when it gets to be softball season is when we won sectional my senior year. After our team rushed to the field, got our trophy and took the pictures, we got to go see our family. My dad was the first person I ran too. He was my coach until I reached high school and even when he technically wasn't, I always viewed him as my coach. It was a special moment for sure.
G - Gent: These dudes right here.

H - Hobby: shopping is one that I do regularly. I love finding a deal. I also enjoy DIY projects (small ones, not like building shit). But a lot of times, its like this:
I - Indulgence -  Wine. Every. Single. Night.
J - Job: I own a crop insurance agency. I also sell auto, home, farm and commercial insurance. I talked more about how I took on this job HERE.
K - Kiddos: Tucker Paul and Diesel

L - Love: The Hubs, Tucker& Diesel, our families, my friends, DVR and bedtime.
M - Music: 99% country, 1% classic rock songs that my dad had drilled into my head because they were important to know.
N - Nickname: Erin Shell by my family, EO by my friends and softball team/coaches.
O - One Wish: That my husband, Tucker and future childrens' dreams are all fulfilled. And that when I grow up I look like Carrie Underwood.
P - Pets: Diesel. I talked about my four legged baby HERE
Q - Quote: You are braver than you believe, stronger then you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.
R - Residence: We bought our house in November 2012. It sits on 4.5 acres in the back of a pretty trashy neighborhood, but it has 4.5 acres and that's all we really cared about.  It has a 3 car garage and (hopefully) someday soon we can add on a master bedroom & bathroom.
S - Siblings: just my little bubby, Drew. He is 22.
T - Temperature: I LOOOOOVE spring and fall. Blazing hot summer is not my fave and this winter that we've had has been hellacious. So, Indiana is pretty much the perfect place for me to live.
U - University: Ball State University. Chirp Chirp.
V - Vehicle: 2010 Jeep Liberty. It has been a perfect vehicle for me for the last 3.5 years. It handles the snow like a boss and is pretty roomy. I would love to have a Tahoe or Yukon, but my bank account would like a Traverse or Acadia much better.
W - Worst Habit: I cuss like a sailor. And if I could stop eating ice cream or a bowl of cereal every night that would be great too.
X - XRays: Oh wow, um, pretty much every part of my body.
Y - Yuck: one uppers, livers&gizzards (never had them and don't plan on it) raw onions, this winter.
Z - Zodiac - Leo

Happy Thursday! Thursdays are my fave!


  1. Ya know, I feel the same way about wine. But I didn’t want to sound like a pure alcoholic… well now I don’t feel so bad! Lol. The flashback of your Dad gave me chills. So sweet! Growing up to look like Carrie! Bahaha! Amen! Her legs are amazing! I’m with you on cussing like a sailor too! It’s so hard to break! I never used to be like that until I met my husband… bad country boy influence! Thanks for sharing this post idea! It’s such a simple way to get to know fellow bloggers! :)

  2. Love this! :) I am going to use it also!