Jun 27, 2013

Introducing Diesel Summers

W're not naming our 2 legged child that. I know there are a few new ones around here that probably know I'm a soon to be mama of a baby, but they probably don't know my first baby, Diesel.
This morning when I woke up to pee for the 2nd time around 3:40 (actually, my bladder didn't wake me up, Diesel did. I thought he had to go outside. Nope, he just wanted me to get out of bed so he could take my spot in bed, forcing me to snuggle with him.), I couldn't go back to sleep until like 4:30 after I moved to the couch. After I thought about what flavors I'm going to get in my sno cone after my appt today (cherry and lemon lime.. I'm hoping for a cherry sprite taste) I decided I needed a cute blog post and who better than my reason for being awake.

Diesel Summers

Diesel was an impulsive buy. It was a month and a half after my dad died and my life was changing rapidly. Danny and I agreed early on that when we moved in together, or one of us had the chance, we'd get a puppy. That time came unexpectedly. I asked Danny to live with me at my dad's house (my parents were divorced right before my dad passed away so my mom was out of the house) and he said of course. One night on our way to a concert, we stopped by a pet store. We almost said screw the concert and walked out with a rottweiler. Except for the fact that we didn't have $600 on us (dog, cage, food, etc) We went to the concert and I was pretty much sad for most of it. I needed some puppy lovin.

The next day we went to Rural King but missed the puppy adoptions by about 10 minutes. A kind lady told us a nearby animal shelter was at Petsmart that day though and if we hurried we wouldn't miss them. Puppies were $125 and they came nuetered/spayed. Sounds good to me. Danny picked Diesel out and I immediately fell in love. Nevermind the fact that we thought about getting a dog for all of 12 hours, it was the week before fair meaning I would be on my own potty training, and what was I going to do with him when I was gone working and at school all day. Didn't matter because one look at the face and I didn't care. We'd figure that out later.

A little more about Diesel.
- He will sleep where ever he wants too. He doesn't care if it disturbs you (like this morning) or if it's a piece of furniture
- He knows that we think he is 110% adorable and doing things like sleeping on end tables will eventually be okay.
- I mentioned he forced me to cuddle this morning. He doesn't cuddle on your terms, but on his. Whether you're laying in a queen size bed or sitting in a one person patio chair, if he wants to snuggle you will snuggle.

- Diesel LOVES ice cubes. I really wish I had known this when we were potty training him. I would have saved a fortune on treats. Every time he hears us filling our glass, he stops whatever he is doing and run to the fridge. I've seen him wake up out of a dead sleep. The same thing happens when he hears the cheese/deli drawer, especially in the morning. If he can tell I'm making eggs for breakfast, he knows there will cheese involved. He lays on the rug by the door very patiently, then when he hears the shredded cheese bag, he runs to his bowl and waits on his breakfast cheese.
- He is a drama queen. One night at the old house, I was busy all night packing or crafting or something and wasn't paying (enough) attention to him. Well, he followed me back to our bedroom and when we were walking down the hall to go back out to the living room, he just stopped, sat down, and held up his paw like he had hurt it. Okay Diesel, I'll play along. I picked him up and carried him to the couch. When it was time for bed, I carried him to bed. But not 10 minutes after we got in bed, my brother got home and Diesel couldn't get to him fast enough. His paw was magically better.
- He doesn't realize how big he his. When we first got him, the only dogs he had to play with were my mom's rat terrier, my cousins toy poodle, and Danny's mom's 2 schnauzers. All of which are pretty small. After months of playing with them and rough housing a little bit, they started hiding from him and he kept trying and trying to get them to play with him. He didn't realize that he had grown to TWICE their size and the play rough housing was getting real. I like to describe him now as that big goofy kid on the playground who has no control over his body.
I don't think there is a dog that could love us more though. A year ago, the idea of bringing a baby around Diesel terrified us, but he was still a puppy. Now that he is 3, he's calmed down and starting to act like a big dog. We know that he is going to be an awesome brother and friend :)

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  1. I love this post! He sounds so much like my dog!