Jun 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was another busy one. I have a feeling they are going to be like this for the rest of the summer. Thats fine... thats what this time of year is all about.  Spending time with friends and running around like you're nuts.

Friday night the hubs and I had a date night. We planned on going to eat at Red Robin then making our way to Buy Buy Baby so I could spend more than I needed to on a Snoogle. Well, as the life of a firefighter goes, Danny got called in off duty for a house fire and didn't get home until 7. We still went to eat, but there was no way we were making it to Buy Buy Baby before it closed. We walked around Bed Bath and Beyond in hopes that they might have a few since they are owned by the same company as Buy Buy Baby, but no luck. We did, however, find these awesome cups.

I love the large Tervis Tumblers and I always grab one if I see one I like. Who doesn't love a red solo cup?? On our way home I begged and pleaded for some frozen yogurt and got to enjoy Orange Leaf for the first time ever. Holy smokes, that place is awesome. Any place that has fresh cut kiwi gets an A in my book.

Saturday morning Danny had his first 5K, the Tiger Trot. Our brother-in-law was running in it so Danny's mom came with our nieces and we all cheered them on. Irish even helped her daddy cross the finish line and it was just precious!

Danny didn't get any help crossing the finish line, but he did awesome!
Saturday was his FIRST time running outside. He's been running on the treadmill the days he works at the fire department and recently added in some weight training, but no outside running whatsoever. He was a little nervous the night before but he had no reason to be. He finished the run in 34 minutes! I plan on doing it with him next year and I can't wait.

Saturday evening I went to a friends house for a graduation party. There was a keg and the families famous Gin Bucket. The Gin Bucket tastes like candy and will knock you on your ass if you aren't careful. No worries though, I stuffed myself silly with food and cake.

Sunday I went shopping with my BFF Rach and our friend Chels to get shoes for Rachael's wedding. Chels and I found our shoes in the first aisle of the first store. Poor Rach didn't find hers until about 6 stores and another mall later. Rach was nice enough to take me to Buy Buy Baby and I got my Snoogle. I almost splurged and bought Jellybean his/her first pair of shoes...

Aren't those adorable! My baby will have a pair of these.

More on this Snoogle business... that thing is worth every penny. My back still hurts a little bit, but I woke up on my side 2 out of 3 times. (Thanks Diesel for 1 of those for NO REASON!)

That's all for this busy weekend! There isn't much on the agenda for this week. I ain't mad about it.


  1. I {super puffy heart} my snoogie. My mom got it for me for Christmas and it is the best thing that had happened to my pregnant self. Husband hates it because it is so big, but he got over it. If you have pack issued like I do you can also form a circle out of the pillow, place your belly in the middle and get the baby weight off your back. I had to do that for about 2 weeks because baby was resting on my spine. I did look funny and had to pile pillows up for my head but it worked.

  2. I'm going to need to know more about the Snoogle!