Jun 4, 2013

Graffiti Run

When I signed up for the Graffiti Run back in April, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it would be a messy day and most likely tons of fun. I also thought me and the 2 girls I did this with would run the 5K. The combination of me getting knocked up and one of them just flat out not wanting too meant running was out. I know you can run while pregnant, but having never ran before, I didn't think now would be a good time to start. Turns out not running worked out for us. We noticed that the people who were running weren't as colorful after going through the color stations.

The night before we were all worried that we would be chilly during the walk. Sunday morning it was supposed to be 64 degrees and this girl packed a tank top and shorts, forgetting that I live in Indiana where the weather is bipolar. We lucked out though. Not sure what the actual temp was that morning, but the sun was out and shining the entire time. At 8:40 the 9:00 race started gathering by the start line. Once 9 am hit, they let waves go every 10 minutes. They had color stations set up every 1K. When we went through the orange station, we just walked normally with our arms up right down the middle of the path. When we got out of it, we barely had anything on us. We knew we had to get creative about it when we got to the next station. We saw a pink cloud up ahead and got excited. The game plan for the remaining color stations was to alternate between to walk on the sides of the path... left through one, right through the next... and spinning while doing so to make sure our backs also got the goods. Ooooh did it work.

If you think we had a lot of color, you should have seen the volunteers working the color stations.  By the time we got to the blue station, the volunteers looked like smurfs. Each participant got a color packet to throw at the end. I crossed the finish line behind one of the girls I was with. She threw her purple packet straight up and it landed right on my head.

Rockin a Kelly Osbourne do. The front doesn't look too bad... but the top was a completely different story...
I really didn't think I'd get that shit off my scalp, which would have been bad given the fact that I had a baby shower to attend 2 hours after this photo was taken. Even more concerning was my green armpit. I had to scrub that until it hurt.

All in all, it was a BLAST! There is similar run in September that we're considering doing, Color Me Rad.

Now to tackle the day on minimal sleep. I'm a genius that stayed up until midnight watching the first game of the college softball world series. It didn't get done until 12... so, today will be fun.

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