Jun 12, 2013

Losing Weight Before Getting Pregnant

Yesterday morning as I was wrapping a rubber band around the button of my pants and through the hoop I was thinking that losing weight BEFORE getting knocked up was probably the smartest thing I've ever done. I have to remind myself of that in the morning when I tug at my jeans so I don't burst into tears that the 8's that I worked so hard to fit into... don't fit anymore. I mean they button, but it's uncomfortable and I look like a busted can of biscuits.

There are a hand full of reasons why I am glad I lost 15 pounds before getting pregnant.

1. My clothes will fit longer - I'm almost 12 weeks in and my skinny jeans are just now not buttoning. About 3 weeks ago I slid some shorts on that I wouldn't have been caught dead in last summer, not knocked up. I've held onto majority of my larger clothes that I wore regularly rather than get rid of them in the rummage. They are packed away safely in a box waiting for my "bump" to make its appearance.

2. Even though I eat badly most of the time, I do know how to eat well - Its really hard to curb those cravings for sloppy joe's or taco bell, but I can do it sometimes. When you're pregnant, healthy snacking is vital. During my weight loss journey, I had gotten use to healthy snacking, so grabbing some fruit, carrots, or a cheese stick to take to work isn't anything new to me. Which brings me to my next point...

3. Less anxiety about losing the baby weight - Being able to shed 15 pounds was huge for me. Come February, I'll have to get into that mindset again and buckle down. I wanted to lose the weight so that pregnancy would hopefully be easier, but also to prove to myself that I am capable of losing weight. When we first got married, I had a lot of worries about how big I might end up after having a baby. That was before I experienced the "click" that everyone has when they are ready to make some changes. With the right food choices and some exercise (I can't wait to get back to Zumba by the way!), I'll make that baby weight my bitch.

4. Seeing the 150's isn't a shock - I've read on some other blogs and sites like The Bump that women have some trouble seeing those higher numbers on the scale. For me, I've seen all of the 150s, all the of the 160s and even the first couple 170s at some point in the last 5. I don't think I'll feel completely shocked until I get to 175. Now I wouldn't be even a little mad if I didn't reach 175 though. Although it will suck to see those 160s again, it won't kill me. I've seen them before and I've bounced back from them before.

So there you have it. Four reasons why I'm thankful I got my rear in gear before getting pregnant. It was the smartest and best decision I've made in a while. I don't know if it contributed to me not experiencing morning sickness, but on the off chance that it did, I will definitely be shedding enough weight to get back down to at least 145 again next time.

And since no post is complete without pictures, I'm going to share some adorable pictures of my niece. It was my mother-in-law's non-birthday yesterday. She turned 60 yesterday and isn't loving it. Her husband went ahead and had some of the fam over for ice cream cake. She wanted to make sure she got every last drop of ice cream off her plate...

I think she got more on her face and chest and than she did in her mouth. This is the same girl that last year at another family birthday party just picked the piece of cake up like a cupcake. No need to waste time on a fork.

Have a good hump day! After work I'm getting my hair did!


  1. If you will brestfeed those kilograms will come off of you right away! Says someone with 30 pounds load that came off before the 6 week appointment! So do not worry and show off tthe bump - thats the only time when not being able to see your feet is fun and totally healthy :D

  2. I was about 12 weeks when my bump popped out. I was only able to fit in my jeans a few more week before the rubber band started getting uncomfortable and then I resorted to a belly band I bought at Target. That lasted a few more weeks and then I had to break down and get maternity pants. I have 2 weeks left (13 days) and I am still in the same size as I was when I started, which means the only thing that got bigger was my belly. I am pretty excited about that but I am also excited to lose the weight. Marta M is right... breastfeeding assists in losing the weight. I did it the first time and was back in shape in not time. Congrats on the pregnancy and I can't wait to read more. New follower.

  3. from the other side of the fence (which is where I am sitting), I can confirm that you losing weight before getting pregnant was def a smart move. I didn't. And I'm regretting it. Well, I did, but then I ran a half and decided I could eat for days upon days after that, gaining everything back. Now I am excited to experience pregnancy, but super excited to come back skinny. Come January I'm gonna be one hardcore B. :)