Jun 18, 2013

remember when I thought I had a boy cat and a girl cat?

Something you need to know about me: I am TERRIFIED of mice. Like jump on a chair, run outside, scream, come close to having a heart attack afraid of them. Hate the little assholes with a passion. This fear requires that there be at least 1 cat on the property that I live on at all times. I even go so far as to feed them a little less when fall gets closer. Hungry cats hunt mice. Cruel? Maybe but its not like I'm horrible to the cats. I pet them, I feed them well during the warm and cold months and generally make sure they are in the garage during winter. I have them at my house for a purpose.

When there are cat(s) at my house, I don't have mice. When October rolls around, I get nervous. I knock on drawers before I open them and kick cabinets too. I distinctly remember opening a drawer at my parents house and a mouse was just chilling on a pot holder. I couldn't get out of the house fast enough.

About 3 days before we got the keys to our house, my sister-in-law asked if we wanted 2 kittens that a friend of hers had to get rid of. Our property is near a wooded area and there is a corn field across the street. Being that we were moving in in November, I didn't want to take a chance. I begged Danny and the day we got the keys, she came over with 2 kittens in tow that were named Maggie(?) and Bixby. I just assumed Maggie was a girl and Bixby was a boy. Danny didn't love the names so Maggie became Bridget and Bixby became Nigel. Mister "I don't want these cats" named them himself.

Bridget is the one on top, Nigel is at the bottom

Fast forward to March/April

Bridget is lookin fat. And gets fatter and fatter and fatter. We come to terms with the fact that she's pregnant. Kittens aren't THAT hard to get rid of. Post it on Facebook, they are gone in a couple weeks. Memorial Day weekend, she pops out 5 kittens that we didn't find until 2 days after she had them. We only knew she had them because she was huge Thursday and skinny Saturday.

It was nice of Bridget to move them to a box with clean cups in it. Real sweet.

Fast forward to last Friday...

We were so focused on Bridget being fat that we didn't notice Nigel was packin on some pounds. We started to notice, but since he was a boy kittens weren't a concern, until he got HUGE in just the stomach area. Danny calls me at work and says "Nigel isn't fat anymore"

And just like HER sister, Nigel hid the babies and we have yet to find them. I don't know if she had 2 or 4 or 6.

All I know is I became a married cat lady over night and this 4.5 acres is some fertile ground.

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  1. I am the same way with mice. EK- We live on about 150 acres of farm land, our house is smack dab in the middle of fields... that's right a 360 view of fields. Mouse heaven. We have a ton of cats/kittens (ok, maybe 4 female and 1 make adults and currently 5 kittens with 2 momma's liters still MIA). We feed them the same way you do. Yesterday I literally walked in the door and seen a mouse run from my kitchen sink to my stove. I screamed and will not go back into that room until hubby gets rids if the f-ing thing. Apparently we are feeding our cats a little too good right now.