Jun 5, 2013

June Goals - May Goals

Today I'm skipping Shannon's So What Wednesday. The only thing I've done in the last few days that I can say so what too is bribing myself to fold laundry with frozen yogurt... and then proceeded to put equal amounts of peanut butter and yogurt in the same bowl. What can ya do?

We're now 5 days into June and I have yet to put my goals for the month into writing or recap my May goals. Lets get too it.


June Goals

1. Walk 4x's a week - Starting next week, I think its possible for me to walk 3 times during the week and then once on the weekend. That's doable.
2. Start working out - My ass is now back to flabby and the small amount of muscle definition that I had in my arms is gone. I've found some great references for pregnancy workouts on Pinterest and its time to put those to good use.
3. Finish bedroom collage - I've been meaning to make a collage for our bedroom since about October when we closed on the house. I have the wooden plaques, paint and pictures.
4. Get the baby's room cleared out - I know we still have a while until it actually has to be ready, but there is a bunch of shit in there. After the rummage this weekend it will be pretty cleared out though. I just know that as soon as we find out what Jellybean is, I'm gonna want to get to decorating. Thats just how I am.
5. Evaluate our budget - I set up a trial budget for us for the month of May. I think it went pretty well. I just need to go back through our spending and make sure we stuck to it and if any changes need to be made.
6. Have a pool day with my mom - Her apartment complex has a really nice pool area. Last year she moved in the first week of August and by the time she got settled in we were out of time to enjoy the pool

May Goals

1. Create a Budget - I created a trial budget so I accomplished this one.
2. Walk at least 4 times every week - This was a big fat fail. I walked maybe 4 times the whole month. Womp womp womp.
3. Get rummage stuff together - This was done. I'll probably do a walk thru tonight and tomorrow to make sure I didn't miss anything that we don't use anymore, but its done for the most part.
4. Get my office in working order - This is done for the most part. My desk is now visible so that's an accomplishment in itself
5. Read a book - My Kindle has become nothing but a place to put my phone and hasn't moved in months... still. I think I read a few pages of What To Expect When You'r Expecting. I'm not exaggerating when I say "few" because it couldn't have been more than 3.
6. Bridal Shower Invitations - I got these designed, ordered and handed off to the Maid of Honor. I blogger-failed and didn't take a picture of the final product though.
7. Spring clean my kitchen - I cleaned it a couple times, but I didn't like get down on my hands and knees or anything. It just isn't going to happen.
So I was 4 for 7 on May goals. It could be worse so I'll take it. Hopefully June is a little better and I come out 6 for 6.
Tomorrows post will be quite different than what you're use too. I get into some serious stuff. You've been warned.

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  1. I try to talk myself into walking every night. but sleeping and sitting in the reclining usually wins out.