Jun 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was very low key. It could almost be called boring. I ain't mad about it.

Friday night we had dinner at the local ice cream and hamburger joint. That cheeseburger never disappoints. Instead of sliced cheese.. they use cheez whiz. Its been that way for YEARS. Even through multiple owners. I honestly think if a new owner tried to deviate from the whiz, they'd have to close shop. I had a chocolate peanut butter shake for dessert that sent me flying over the line between comfortably full and miserable.  Luckily Danny went to help one of his brothers with a few things so it was acceptable for me to lay on the couch the rest of the night. When Danny got home around 9:30 our neighbors called and asked us to come over since they were having a party. This is basically what I told Danny.
I told Danny to go enjoy himself. Truth is, I'm still exhausted. I went to bed at 10 and that was that.

Saturday morning Diesel and I went to the park and walked a whole 1 freakin lap. I swear, I'm not taking him anymore. Ol boy is holding me back. When I got home, the hubs wanted McDonalds for breakfast so being the good wife I am, off I went. After breakfast, Danny went to help his brother again and I took me a little snooze. And by little snooze, I mean a 2 hours. I went to the store to get supplies for Danny and I's cookout date at home just the two of us. We dropped the ball on arranging the cookout we wanted to have, but there was no reason we couldn't have fun still. I told Danny he was in charge of the main dish and I was in charge of the side, dessert and drinks. Shannon at Life After I Dew talked about her Fruit Pizza on Wednesday. I had been wanting some for a while now so our cookout date was a perfect excuse. The pizza was DELISH! And easy. I'll definitely be making this again and again and again and again. We ate almost the whole thing ourselves.
For Danny's portion of the meal, he threw together some shishkabobs. He marinated the steak for a while and it was fantastic!
After dinner we were lounging on the couch and around 8pm, my Grammy calls. She thought she had a blood clot in her leg and was pretty worried. She's got heart problems and is on blood thinners so a blood clot is big deal. Not that they aren't for any other person. We headed over there and her sister was already there. We knew she would likely be going to the hospital, so we warned the fire department on our way (Danny works there so its nice to give them a heads up on things like this) We all headed to the ER, which was PACKED. After 5 hours, yes 5, we got the clear to go home. It wasn't a blood clot, but the doctor suspects cellulitis again. We got her home around 1:30 and Danny and I got home around 2 am. Long night.

After we rolled out of bed Sunday, we did some running around town and said bye to some of our friends who are going to Gulf Shores this week. So freaking jealous. I went to Target and grocery shopping in the afternoon. Picked up a cute shirt that will show of the baby bump all cute like. *Side note, the bump has arrived. It literally just popped out while I was sleeping Saturday night/Sunday morning really.* After my grocery trip, the hubs said he wanted Cracker Barrel for dinner. Why wouldn't I take him up on an opportunity to not cook dinner? We stuffed ourselves silly then headed home.

That was it. Like I said, pretty boring but it did have SOME excitement Saturday.

In other news, the Twinkie is on its way back to store shelves. I'm not too thrilled. Not a huge Twinkie fan. I did predict this though. I knew it'd be back.


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  2. ICE CREAM AND HAMBURGER JOINT!!! AHHHHHHH! That sounds amazing! (sorry I commented from an old account from a long time ago and just deleted it)