Jun 3, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Weekends go by wayyyy to fast for my liking. Why can't all weekends be 3 day weekends? Who actually works on Fridays? I know I try not too. This one was pretty busy, which might be why it flew by me. My social life enjoys weekends like this because it generally means I get to see a lot of my friends or family. My to-do list hates it though. Whatev.

Friday night when I got off work, one of my cousins stopped by for a few hours. I hadn't seen her in a month or two and it was time for a good heart to heart about some things. We didn't solve the worlds problems, but we made some progress haha. After I headed over to my Gram's house where another cousin was visiting for the weekend. Friday was my only chance to see her so we all ate dinner and just sat around joking and laughing. I peaced out shortly after they broke the Captain Morgan out of the cabinet. Not gonna lie, I took a sniff of one of their drinks to tide me over. It helped a little.

Saturday morning was a lazy one. I woke up around 7 absolutely STARVING. I quickly solved that problem then went back to sleep for a couple hours.  After a couple more hours of snoozin, Danny and I got up and got ready for the day since we only had a few hours to spend together. We had a lunch date and visited his dad. After that, I packed my bags to head to Indy with my BFF Rachael to pick up our Graffiti Run packets, which took for-freaking-ever. We stood in front of a family with two toddler girls who screamed bloody murder about every 20 minutes. So that was fun, you know, espeically for a woman who is 10 weeks pregnant and already nervous about her parenting skills. After we got our packets we headed to my mom's apartment where we were staying all night. We ate dinner at the Stacked Pickle. Its a bar type atmosphere, but also family friendly. It was pretty good. Shortly after dinner our other friends arrived and we had a blast sitting around the living room. It was almost like we were reliving senior year. I loved it and I know my mom did too.

Sunday we were up bright and early, 7 is bright and early for a Sunday, to head to the State Fairgrounds. It was paaaacked but everyone was so excited. I now get what I've been reading about marathons. There is something in the air and the excitement is contagious. Even for a 5k. More on the Graffiti Run tomorrow... I do have a sneak peak though.
Afterwards we all raced back home since we had graduation parties and a baby shower to attend. Another cousin of mine is pregnant and due at the end of July so her mom and friends threw her a baby shower yesterday. She's having a girl and all the cute little outfits made me forget about the drama queens at the packet pick up the day before. After the shower, I came home and crashed. My back hurt, I was tired, my head hurt from wearing the Graffiti Run sweatband all morning and I wasn't doing crap the rest of the day or night. It was glorious too. I caught the season premiere of Real Housewives of New Jersey. The drama just intensifies every. single. season. And it sucks me right in.

Now I'm off to kick Monday's ass.

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  1. I LOVE RHONJ!!!!!!! I am watching it tonight - can't wait!