Apr 15, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: Week 2

Another week of this lose the baby weight mission has come and gone and it didn't go great. It also didn't go badly either. It just kind of went.

Lets talk about the running portion first. I did C25K Tuesday and Thursday and it went well both days. The weather was beautiful and I felt really good about it afterwards both days. I should have gotten another session in on Saturday, but Danny had a million and 4 things to do so I was on Tucker duty all day. We also made an impromptu trip to Indy to meet my mom for lunch and shopping. Danny worked Sunday so I couldn't go then either. I could have taken Tucker to Danny's moms, but he was super fussy and just needed a day to snuggle after the running around Saturday I think. We also had a birthday party for my niece that day. So, going into week 3 I am a day behind. Sweeeeeet.

Food went okay. I got a hankering for Chinese Wednesday, so that happened. I basically refuse to cook when its just me eating and its been a long day at work. I've had a few problems at work so I may have been eating my feelings that night. Mom and I had lunch at Chili's Saturday. While I know a lot of salads at restaurants are actually bad choices, I really wanted the Buffalo Chicken Salad. Like a good little girl, I requested grilled chicken instead of the breaded so my inner fat girl that wants to be skinny would be happy and not feel as guilty. And its amazing how many chips and salsa you don't eat when you're dealing with a fussy baby. Sunday wasn't great with the birthday cake and then the Taco Bell that I had to have. As far as my overall calories.. I was over every day. I'm okay with that though and here's why. My eating wasn't terrible aside from the food I just pointed out. Breastfeeding isn't added into my log every day because I don't know what that magical number is. As long as I'm only eating when I'm hungry and am making half way intelligent choices about what I'm eating, I'm doing the best I can and that's all I can ask of myself right now.

Here's to hoping I can report back with a good week next week! All of that will be dependent on the phone call I get from my accountant, which will probably land me down at the bar drowning my sorrows in Coors Light while eating some breaded hot pepper cheese cubes. Tax day can kiss my ass.

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  1. Well a not-so-bad week is totally a win in my book! Good luck on the taxes... oyy!