Apr 22, 2014

Transformation Tuesday: week 3

Last week was terrible.
I didn't run
And I ate like it was my job
I gained 2 lbs back. 

The weather was bad on Monday and Tuesday. Bad like in cold and rainy. And I was suffering from a cold. And Tuesday was a very bad day at work. The rest of the week was hellaciously busy and I basically didn't make time for my workouts. 

Food was my other problem. As with most holidays, I ate and then ate some more. Plus after giving up peanut butter for lent I ate Reese's eggs like I had never had one before. I've really got to stop that one. At least they're the smaller ones right? 

It's a new week and I'm starting fresh. Come hell or high water I'm going to the grocery at some point today because I always do so well when there is fresh food in the house. I had leftover cheesy potatoes from Saturday for breakfast today. It was either that or the dessert Danny's mom left here and I figured that wasn't the best thing to eat right before I go to the dentist. 

Here's to a new week and having the will power to walk by the Reese's without sticking my hand in the bag. 


  1. You're right, it's a new week... time to reset! Going to the grocery store will help... getting stocked back up on your healthy foods is such a key to success. That and staying away from the Reese's, which I have trouble with too! :)

  2. Having a setback or a bad couple days happens to the best of us! You've got the will power and determination to get back on the wagon again, I just know it! After all, you probably deserved all those reese's! And to be honest, if there's cheesy potatoes in my house, I'd be eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner :)