Apr 7, 2014

Weekend Recap

Its been a while since I've recapped a weekend of mine, and this one deserves a recap because it was busy, busy!

Friday the weather was still crummy and I didn't feel like working out. I felt like eating Mexican more instead, so Tucker and I went to eat with my brother and his girlfriend. Megan taught Tucker how to pick on Uncle Drew.. a skill every child needs.  After dinner Tuck and I just went home and snuggled with Diesel while we watched Will & Grace.

Saturday I made sure to get my workout in before the day got going. After I fed Tucker I spent some time with Jillian. It wasn't easy, but as long as I get through the first set I'm golden! Once I got showered and ready, Danny, Tucker and I took off to run some errands. We bought some shelves for the spare closet in Tuck's room. We rushed home to take power naps before it was time to go to a birthday party for my friend's mom. Her mom is turning 50 tomorrow so she threw a surprise party for her, even though her mom said she did NOT want a party. She was a good sport about it and ended up really appreciating it.
Highlight of Saturday: Tucker did not have a single bottle! Not one! He nursed every 2 hours like clock work like he was supposed too. It was so nice taking a break from my pump. We've finally figured the nursing part of it out and I am thrilled!

Sunday was an even busier day and I was dreading it. I had Couch 2 5K on the calendar for Thursday and it had to get moved along with Saturday's session since I wanted to do Shred instead. So, I did Couch 2 5K in the morning and then again in the evening. In between the two I went to the grocery, made dinner, and ran around with Danny for a little bit. 

Like I said, this weekend was busy and flew by. I woke up exhausted this morning wishing for another Sunday. Do  you like busy weekends or do you prefer relaxed ones? I personally like a little bit of both!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I am with you, I like a bit of busy and relaxing. Sunday is usually our church and lay around day and Saturday is our busy day.

  2. Good for you for getting your weekend workouts in...those seem to be the hardest! I followed the Couch to 5K program before and I loved it, hope you find it successful, too!

    I am with you, weekends should be littered with activities but still have stretches of relaxation!

  3. Tucker looks so big in those pictures! Good for you for working out on the weekends! that's my biggest fail! Lol. Well mostly because we're always so busy! It seems like my weekends are always really busy since that's usually the only time the hubs is home.. so I tend to prefer the relaxing weekends but I don't mind it either way! :)