Apr 10, 2014

The Current Pickle: Update

Last week I talked about our TV situation, or lack thereof I should say since we went 6 days without it.  We remedied the problem this weekend.

We decided last week to make the switch from cable to Netflix and Hulu Plus, but also get an antennae so we could watch current shows, special events (Super Bowl, ACMs, news, etc). Saturday we took off to get the antennae and Danny attempted to hook it up Sunday. He got it plugged into the TV and after searching for a signal for 30 minutes, it found nothing. We forgot that we live in the armpit of our town that has no signal of any kind. It took our cell phones about a week and a half to adjust and get with the program.

My busy body, not a big TV watcher husband was about to lose his mind if he had to sit on the couch and talk to me one more night, so at 6pm he took off for Best Buy to get something that would make our tv work again and came home with an Amazon Fire TV box that cost $100.00. Not bad for what this little puppy can do.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can access tv shows and movies just through this. Or you can use it to access Netflix and Hulu Plus. We used it for those two things because we aren't Prime members. Danny got both programs up and running and we could not be happier with our set up. Not only is this going to save us a lot of money, it is SO easy to use. Its got one little remote that has 9 buttons. So simple. Although, I think it's created a problem for my husband. The combination of shitty weather earlier in the week and him being able to have Netflix on his Kindle, he's already finished one season of a TV show. Tuesday night around 10 he told me he was going to bed. After I had folded some laundry, pumped and got a couple things ready for the next day, I finally went to bed and when I went in our room he was on his Kindle. Watching TV.

So, back to the good stuff.  After a one time $100.00 set up is taking our TV watching bill from $150ish/month down to $16/month. I am pumped. My mom is so in love with the idea that she wants us to help her get set up.

Now excuse me while I go order my new Sperry's since we're rich now.


  1. You are so funny. I was reading about the amazon box and the apple tv box, both do about the same thing. We just can't decide what to get.. we are apple users so we were going that way but have heard a lot of good things about the amazon box too. I know that we are going to wait to cancel the sattelite until after all our seasons have ended 1) because we don't want to miss anything or be behind, and 2) we don't watch tv at all during the summer so if we can wait to spend the $100 at about August. Thanks for the amazon box review..

  2. That is so cool! I've never heard of such thing! Glad yall got your "TV" access back! :)