Apr 21, 2014

Easter Recap

Another first is marked off the list in the Summers household. Tuck's first Easter and our first Easter as parents. Here are 3 things I learned:

1. Try your kid's Easter outfit on before you rip the tags off and wash it.
2. Don't let the 5 minutes before you're leaving to see the Easter bunny be the first time you kid tries said outfit on
3. Don't sleep in until 8:30 (because that's sooooo late) on the day you have 2 family get togethers to prep for

We had planned all week to take Tucker to see the Easter bunny Thursday night. I was so excited to put him in this cute outfit that Danny's mom had bought for him a couple weeks ago.

I put it on him and the shirt didn't even reach his diaper and the suspenders didn't have a chance in hell of reaching the pants. Thankfully he had a nice pair of khakis that had never been worn and a very Easter-y colored polo. Both did in a pinch, which is what we were in.

Saturday we had Easter get together #1 (all holiday functions are numbered for Danny and I since we have anywhere from 3-5 per major holiday) at 2pm. I decided Saturday morning would be a good time to catch an extra 45 minutes of sleep and then go to my Grammy's to pick up the things of hers I staked my claim, getting us home at around 11:30. That left 2.5 hours to: feed Tucker, make 2 batches of pasta salad for parties 1 and 2, then look at the clock and realize I can either make a dessert for 1 or shower. For everyone's sake I chose shower.  We had a really good time at #1 and got home just in time for me to make Reese Egg Cookies before my mom, brother, his girlfriend and Danny's mom and stepdad came over for get together #2. While the guys grilled burgers and fried pickles and onion rings, the girls stood in the kitchen and laughed about the time Danny's mom showed up at my parents house at 7am on a Friday morning during the summer Danny and I started dating when he stayed all night. After dinner and couple cold ones, everyone left.

Sunday morning we went to arrived at 8:30 Easter mass at promptly 8:30. Getting there right at start time isn't a big deal normally, except it was Easter and everyone and their brother, sister, aunt and uncle goes to church on Easter Sunday. Tucker also chose this particular Sunday to throw his first church fit. He was sooooo tired of being held after Saturday and all he wanted to do was lay on the floor (or pew) and kick his little legs. So, that's what we did out in the lobby.

After church we I got stuff ready for Easter #3 with Danny's dad and stepmom. The kids hunt for eggs every year and I can't wait for Tucker to participate next year. And not only so I can swipe the good candy that he finds. We spent majority of the time there sitting outside. My arms and chest got a little red which makes for a nice little tan today. Can't complain about that!

It was a lovely Easter weekend and I could really use another Sunday. Especially since this week includes 3 school programs, a grocery trip and 3 C25K's. Help me.


  1. He is so dang cute!

    And yay for a tan! I was outside all day Saturday and just noticed in the bathroom mirror at work that my face is tan... yayy!

  2. Holy Hair! He is such a cutie. Your holiday's sound just as busy as mine do, but all of ours are on Easter Sunday. We got to a point where we only attend one and that is it, so we alternate years. I TOO pack all the crap to go places. But if you ask Tim he packs it all and I do nothing.... when all he does if throw it in the truck, he doesn't bother making sure every single detail is taken care of and packed up in those bags. UGH!

  3. Sounds like a very busy weekend! Note taken for trying the kids Easter outfit on before Easter ;) Tucker still looked handsome in his Easter outfit! Good luck with your busy week this week and your C25k's!

  4. awww his outfit is super cute though, so no harm no foul ;) sounds like a fab weekend!