Sep 16, 2013

Michigan Babymoon: Frankenmuth

Our Michigan vacation was wonderful and exactly what this lady needed!

Tuesday morning we took off and headed up north to Shipshewana, IN. Flashback to April when we made the trip up there only to find out it was closed. Stopping on our way up to Michigan only put us an hour out of our way so we felt it was worth it. Danny was extremely excited about the flea market. I, however, was pumped about the food. The flea market was nice. A lot of repeat vendors which made me feel like we were walking in circles. The only thing we purchased were wine and sangria slushie mixes though. Can't waaaait to try those in a few months!

Next we visited a meat and cheese shop where we left with rolls and Amish peanut butter, which we snacked on all week.  After a yummy lunch, we kept heading north!

After about 3 and a half hours and 3 potty breaks, we made it to Frankenmuth. You're probably wondering what the F Frankenmuth is. I know I did the first time Danny's mom told me about it. Frankenmuth is home to Bronners, the largest Christmas store (probably) in the world. The town has a Bavarian theme to it as far as the restaurants, building styles and even some of the shops. Tuesday night we had dinner at the brewery across from the hotel then just went back to the hotel to relax for the night. Wednesday was our shopping day. We hit Bronners first and Danny was excited.  He somewhat pouts every year when I go with the women in his family. We got the little guy an ornament for the tree, Danny a couple for himself, I got a wine themed one and a couple Christmas themed wine glasses (I miss wine can ya tell?) and a couple decorations for the  house. It was a successful Bronner's trip. All of the Christmas spirit got me extremely excited for this Christmas, especially since there's a chance Tucker will be here by then!

 After Bronners it was time to explore the other shops and eat lunch, then I needed a nap! It was soooo stinkin hot there Tuesday and Wednesday. After our nap we freshened up and hit the outlet mall.  I walked out with a cute new Coach wristlet that I can easily transfer from the diaper bag to our purse and about 5 shirts and a pair of leggings from a maternity outlet. I also couldn't pass up the Carter's outlet :) We had dinner at the Bavarian Inn. I had fried chicken and Danny has a sausage. My dinner came with about 4 sides that we served family style. Cole slaw, steamed veggies, mashed potatoes and cranberry salad. This was after they had brought us soup, pasta salad and cucumber salad upon ordering. Yes, we rolled out of there.

That was the first part of our trip. I'm glad Danny finally got to go to Frankenmuth. Maybe this will keep him from whining for the next few years :)

Wednesday marked 25 weeks, so I snapped a bump picture before we left for the next stop Thursday morning.

I'll be back tomorrow with the next part of our trip!

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