Sep 24, 2013

A Day in the Life

I feel like its commonplace for a blogger to have a "my day" kind of post.  I've seen a number of these floating around in just the last couple of weeks and I've been tossing around the idea of doing one myself. Why? Well for starters, it doesn't get much easier than writing about your day. That's not the main reason though. Thats just a bonus :)

The main reason I'm choosing now to do it is so I can come up with a new schedule once the baby is dictating my life here.  As soon as you find out you're pregnant, you start thinking about how life is going to change. From trading in your late nights with friends for late nights with a fussy baby, or for Danny and me, the biggest change is going to be leaving at the very last minute for an event. Lately my morning routine has been on my mind. I know my days of getting ready at a snails pace (its not really that slow but I do have the luxury of taking my time right now) are coming to an end. I have to find a time to fit in a feeding and/or pumping, get myself ready, get a kid ready and eat. Makes me tired just thinking about it really.

Now that I've got you sitting on pins and needles just waiting for how I spend my 24 hours, lets get too it.

6:00-6:39 - I roll out of bed at some point. If Danny works, he starts waking up around 6, which obviously means I have to get up too. I've basically been his alarm for 5 years. I get up around 6:30 on those days. If he's not getting up for work, I normally get up between 6:15 and 6:20.

Out of bed until 8:20 - My plan is to have my shower done, hair dried and fixed, make up done and clothes on by 7:30. Its a great day if its done by 7:20. I make breakfast and plop it on the couch until about 8. During that time I blog if I didn't the night before, watch tv, eat my breakfast and maybe read a blog or two if time permits. By 8:10 I'm off the couch making my waters and morning snack. I'm out the door at 8:20.

8:25-12:00 - I'm at work. Yep, I live about 5 minutes from where I work. Its only 5 minutes because half of the route is a school zone. When I get there I check messages and emails, then go over my to-do list. If there isn't anything urgent, I piddle around on the Internet(blogs, Facebook) until about 9-9:15. Then I pump out 2.5-3 hours of work. If I finish a task around 11:30, I piddle again until its time to go to lunch. I'm not one to start a project shortly before I leave the office. I think its silly.

12:00-1:15 - I either go home for lunch or go eat with the hubs somewhere. These days its mostly eating at home since he's working other jobs quite a bit, which is fine. It saves money that way. I fix my lunch and I used to watch Will & Grace until Lifetime changed their scheduling WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME which is f'ing ruuude! I also get some Diesel snuggles in at lunch and its so nice. At 1 I make my afternoon water and snack then head to the post office to get the mail for the business.

1:30-4 or 5:00 - Finish stuff from the morning and make my to-do list for the next day. This is usually when my brother and I do a lot of our business and meeting together. If I'm not out of the office by 5, I'm an unhappy person. I know, thats not something huge to bitch about since normal business hours are 8-5.

4 or 5-7:00 - When I'm in the walking mood, I go to the park after work. I take Diesel more times than I don't these days since I'm not walking more than one mile. After we walk, I cook dinner. While dinner cooks, I straighten the kitchen, and empty/load the dishwasher. I don't do dishes everyday like a good little girl. It doesn't make sense to do them when Danny isn't here and I use like 1 plate, a bowl and some utensils. I might start some laundry at this time. Throw a new load in and fluff the load thats in the dryer, because lets be honest, there's probably been one in there for a day or 3. We eat dinner and the lounging commences. When its Zumba night and I can go, like when I'm not pregnant, that's at 6:30 and dinner is either light or non-existant, dishes don't get done and Danny is probably on his own for dinner.

7-9:30 or 10 - If Danny is home, I usually let him have the tv and I'll finish laundry and play on the computer. If there is something I just HAVE to watch, I'll go to our room. If Danny isn't home, I induldge in recorded tv and stuff that is on On Demand. I really have to get my tv habits under control lol. Around 10 I get ready for bed if I haven't already and head that way.  When Diesel hears the fans (yes there are 2) come on he knows its bedtime and is in there pretty quickly, whether Danny is home or not. When mama goes to bed, Diesel goes to bed. Its adorable. Once I'm in there, I check social media again and let my brain start shutting down. Once I put my phone down, I'm out.

Thaaats it.

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