Sep 26, 2013

27 weeks!

So yesterday marked 3 months until Christmas. Did that freak anyone else out? No? Just the girl thats gonna pop out a kid right around then?

Baby size: Rutabaga... I honestly have never seen one of these in real life soooo this is SUPER helpful.
Any symptoms?  back pain is constant. heartburn sucks. some nausea. fatigue is making its way back.
Cravings? cheeseburgers, scrambled eggs
Favorite part this week? we finally bought paint for his room! and the kicks and movement still have me amazed
Least favorite part this week? the back pain.
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker. I guess we're still deciding on the middle name for sure.

I've been feeling pretty good lately other than being really tired some days. All of the running around we did Saturday afternoon and evening had me on the couch most of the day Sunday.

I'm definitely feeling some of the 3rd trimester woes already. I get full pretty quickly, but then I'm hungry an hour or so later. It also seems like I get out of breath just breathing. That's an exaggeration, but still. Little activity makes me huff and puff.

I've got lots to do this weekend to get his room ready for paint and getting the crib put together. If I don't do it soon, I'm going to be super overwhelmed after our baby shower thats in a month.

Have a good Thursday! I know I will because GREY'S ANATOMY COMES ON TONIGHT!!!!!!


  1. You look amazing as always! Heartburn is killing me too! I like that you are only about 7 weeks ahead of me and having a boy... I feel like your posts are my "what's to come!" haha

  2. You look SOO stinkin CUTE!!! I have already started Christmas shopping, but I LOVE Christmas, and will not be having a baby around that time!! I cant wait to see his room, and don't sweat it, you will get it done!!

  3. You look great! My favorite thing about the 3rd trimester was putting together Mason's room. At about 30 weeks I could not ride in our car anymore - I stuck with my SUV - too hard to bend lol I lived on Tums the last few months, but it was better than the headaches of the first trimester