Sep 19, 2013

26 weeks!

Hey hey hey!  Its time for yet another bumpdate. I missed out on doing the 25 weeks bumpdate last week due to vacation. Blogging from a cell phone, even if it is an iPhone, just sucks. Soooo, here we go. The shirt I normally wear was in the dryer all wrinkled since its been sitting in there for 3 days. Hey at least its clean!

Baby size: Head of Lettuce
Any symptoms?  back pain, constant trips to the bathroom, fatigue
Cravings? breakfast sandwiches have sounded good lately along with beef. Also still into the cakey stuff.
Favorite part this week? the increased activity going on in there. buying him some adorable outfits while we were in Michigan.
Least favorite part this week? the back pain. My back is paying me back for not taking the Snoogle on vacay.
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker Paul.

So yeah, not much excitement in the past week and that's okay.

We have an ultrasound and appointment today.  The ultrasound is to check the placenta location to see if has moved any further up since at the last one a month and a half ago it was still considered to be low lying. Hopefully it has moved, if not, I have a feeling a C-section will be planned soon. After talking to my mom last night, I feel like that's in the cards for me anyhow. Here's why.

1. My oddly shaped uterus - I learned early on that I have a bicornuate uterus, meaning its heart shaped.  The doc said this could potentially create some issues as far as the baby being breech, preterm labor and him running out of room quicker than babies in a regular uterus. My sister-in-law has also mentioned to me that this might get me thrown into the OR for a C-section too. Something about both sides of the uterus not working together at the same time or one having to do the work of both.
2. My back - oooooh my back. I have an extra vertebrae and my tailbone didn't develop correctly. If anyone is going to have back labor, it's going to be me. Plus my mom knows someone who knows someone who broke their tailbone during labor. She didn't tell me this to scare me. Another issue with my back is I think I've heard my back doctor say at one point in time that my pelvis is crooked or something awesome like that.
3. Big head - Let's face it, he's gonna come out with an NBA regulation sized basketball sitting on his shoulders.

These are all things I'm going to try to discuss with her today, except the big head. We'll see what she says and what the plan is gonna be for getting this little one here. Although we could start to come up with something and then the baby have a plan of his own. Babies are funny like that.


  1. You look SOOO cute! I am so happy and excited for you!

  2. I hope you do not experience back labor! I have spine issues as well and had back labor with my daughter. So miserable!