Sep 5, 2013

24 weeks!

Um, when did I become 6 months pregnant?

Some days it feels like I just woke up one day and I'm MONTHS into this journey. But then there are days where I feel like this might be the slowest time of my life, like when my back hurts really bad. Either way, being 6 months pregnant means we are coming up on the home stretch and we've got work to do to get ready for our little man.

Baby size: Cantaloupe
Any symptoms?  back pain still. pregnancy brain is back. many trips to the bathroom 24/7.
Cravings? baked goods/pastries (cookies, donuts, whatever I can get my hands on that's cakey). omelet from ihop.. thats about to be settled here in an hour.
Favorite part this week? not only feeling the kicks, but WATCHING them! :)
Least favorite part this week? Someone's been a little emotional basket case the past few days.
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker Paul. Yep, his initials are gonna be TP.  Paul is  Danny's middle name and his dad's middle name.

So the pregnancy brain. I mailed out a bunch of envelopes to some of our customers last week and we got one back yesterday from the post office for insufficient address.  I had only written the guys name and then city, state and zip. It was pretty funny.

I also found out this week that my hubby told me a small lie, maybe.  A couple weeks ago before he left on his trip with his dad and brother, we were laying on the couch and the baby was kicking so I was put Danny's hand where it needed to be to feel it. I felt kicks and asked Danny if he felt it on the outside. He said yes.  Wellllll, Mr. Summers informed me earlier this week that he isn't sure if he felt them for real or not.  Well, Tucker is getting VERY active these days and like I said, I can see the kicks now in addition to feeling them. Last night I asked Danny to rub lotion on my belly for me since I didn't want to get out of bed to wipe my hands off.  As soon as he grabbed the bottle, Tucker started kicking, and hard. Danny was pretty freaked out by it and it was pretty funny. That's what ya get for fibbin', Dad! :)

Danny's sister texted me last night and said that her and my other 2 sister-in-laws are planning a shower for me the first weekend in November. I basically hit the jackpot when it comes to in-laws. They threw me a wonderful bridal shower so I'm sure the shower for their newest nephew will be nothing but wonderful! Now we really need to get going on the nursery and do our Buy Buy Baby registry!

Ok, I am off to meet my BFF Shelby at IHOP for breakfast. She is moving to Texas in like a week and a half and I demanded that we see each other at least twice before she moves. Especially since I won't see her again until months after the baby is born. I'm gonna go be sad now. See ya!

P.S. - The hair got chopped last night! I'm in love. I'll have a pic up tomorrow after I get a chance to style it from shower to the end. :)


  1. Hahaha... when I was first pregnant I mailed out some envelopes from work that only had the people's names on them... so I can totally sympathize! Can't wait to see the hair!

  2. When I was pregnant I accidentally stole a 12 pack of diet coke from the grocery store. I got home and was ticked that I didn't have it, but then realized that I left it on the bottom of the cart in the cart return (and hadn't paid for it either). Whoops!

  3. Ummmmmmm you are adorable!!!! PS I nominated you for an award on the blog today! XOXO

  4. You will love registering at Buy Buy Baby. I did and loved it. If I have a girl her initials would/will be E.L.K, yep like the animal.