Sep 17, 2013

Michigan Babymoon: South Haven

Yesterday I recapped the first part of our Babymoon that we spent in Frankenmuth. Today is all about the second half of our trip, which we spent in South Haven.  South Haven is a little lake town on Lake Michigan. And it's just about adorable.

Thursday in South Haven was pretty quiet and relaxing.  We got to the town about 3 hours before we could check into our hotel so we drove around to explore and grabbed lunch at Wendys (which I wasn't impressed with). Once we could finally check in, it was nap/relax time for a couple hours. Napping and relaxing is what vacation is about. At least thats how it was for me growing up and I don't see a point in changing it. I'm a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." After we relaxed for a little bit, we headed towards the water to find a place to eat downtown.  We decided on a place called Black River Tavern and I had the most amazing fish tacos. Danny had the fish dinner and hardly even put any sauce on the fish because it was that good. After dinner we walked down to the water to watch the sunset. It was beautiful. We also saw people kite surfing(?) which was pretty cool. I put the ? because I have no idea if thats what it was called. Oh, and it was freezing.

Friday was more exploring. We went to a couple little parks to be one with nature for a few hours.It was also freezing this day. Thank God I suck at cleaning out my car and my North Face pullover was in there from the winter. And I'd also like to thank God that it barely fit me. We went back to civilization to check out the little shops and have lunch. We got Diesel some bully sticks at a dog store. (Pet owner PSA: Bully sticks = crack for dogs) Then we happened to mosey over to a health foods store where I purchased a Diet Coke only. NO WHERE in Michigan (by no where I mean restaurants that have fountain pop) has Diet Coke. It's unreal. So as soon as I saw it it was mine. Again, after lunch and shopping, it was time for my daily nap before dinner.  Dinner was at what I would consider a dive bar on a boat. They had the best soup I've basically ever had, it was Sweet Pepper Crab and it was the bomb. My calamari ceasar salad was ok. I ordered it for the calamari so I got what I wanted out of it. After dinner we got ice cream and my pumpkin ice cream was delish.


Before heading home, we stopped by an orchard/winery.  Danny tried some hard cider from there at one of the local restaurants and we decided we needed some (I may have had a small sip). They were pretty rude, but we still bought a couple bottles. Mama can't waaait to enjoy a glass in a few months. 

After that we hustled home to our puppy dog. Upon arriving home, we unloaded the car and had this conversation...
Me: Are we doing anything else?
Danny: Together? NO!
Me: I was just asking so I could change into my comfy clothes
Danny: Ohhh

So even though my husband got tired of spending every waking second with me for 4 days straight, we had a wonderful time and are ready to get things ready for our little bundle of joy.

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