Sep 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

To say this weekend was exciting would be a total lie.  It was just another weekend in the Summers home. A lot of this happened.

Friday night Danny and I went and did our registry at Target. Well, we had planned on completing it but we got a bit overwhelmed. What item did this? Pacifiers. Freaking pacis caused stressed. I was looking at bottles and Danny had the scanner gun and was going about his merry way then ran into the 193 different kinds of pacifiers. After scanning fun things like toys for his carseat, things got better. We still have things that we need to add, but we're going to create another registry at Buy Buy Baby. They had things that we liked that Target didn't have.
Firefighter bibs were an easy choice

The maid was here for the weekend. By maid I mean me. My Saturday went something like this: Clean kitchen, lay on couch and watch tv, clean dining room/future play area, lay on couch and watch tv, finish load of laundry, lay on couch and watch tv. Normally, I would knock out the kitchen and dining room in one swoop and get laundry going while doing so, but my back wasn't having it. So, I had to take things slow, which is fine. I didn't have anywhere to go, Danny was at work, and Diesel was being very well behaved. It was a nice little Saturday for me and the pup.

Sunday we went to church then stopped at Subway for breakfast after. The maid was still here and cleaned our bedroom, which hadn't been cleaned in what appeared to be months. Pretty sure I swept up a small dog, just on my side of the bed. Which doesn't make sense since Diesel sleeps at the foot of the bed or on Danny's side when he's at work. And now I've just confessed how dirty we really are. Sunday afternoon we got rid of the last 2 kitties. The mama later got her revenge by leaving a BIRD WING right inside the garage door Sunday night for me to find Monday morning. Bitch.

Our neighbors came over to get the kitties for their friends and while they were here we learned what they thought of us when we moved in. Which was that Danny was 30 and I was his little 18 year old that he nabbed straight from high school graduation. Then learned after talking to Danny over a few months that that was not the case. After they left I made dinner and discovered just how serious Danny was when he said he doesn't like chicken wings with bones. I made Cripsy Asian Baked Chicken Wings (Recipe HERE) . They were almost too easy as well as too delicious! 

Monday the maid finished her visit and cleaned the living room. Notice she hasn't cleaned the bathroom. That's her husbands job :) After cleaning and laundrying, the maid said no more! The house is cleaner than its been in months and I'm satisfied with her work.

Like I said, the weekend was not exciting at all. I'm kind of okay with it. Kind of ok because I know my weekends of leisurely cleaning and watching what seemed like 19 episodes of Law & Order SVU are coming to an end. Kind of not ok with it because my weekends are going out and easily doing things are coming to an end.

Now the work week begins. 4 work days then its of to Michigan for the hubs and I!! :)

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  1. Girl it sounds like you need a Snoogie (it's a pillow for pregnant women). When my back hurt I would make that thing into a circle and put my belly in the hole and lay on my belly to get the weight off my back. If I lived by you I so would come and help you clean your house. I know how it feels, I was lucky to have my mom come and help. Those chicken wings look amazing.