Jan 29, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to get a FitBit because I was interested to see what yet another device had to say about my lifestyle. I went with the FitBit Flex. And much to my husband's surprise, I chose the pink one. It was that or black, but you can buy different band colors.

I am happy to report that I am really enjoying it. I'm not using it to its full ability, but I don't need it for ALL of the bells and whistles. I have LoseIt and my heart rate monitor (which is this one) for the parts that I don't use in FitBit. I really just wanted the FitBit to tell me the things that those 2 things can't: how much I move on a normal day and how I'm sleeping. I like to look at the calories I've burned too, but don't put to much faith in it. I don't know how that part is calculated, but it's still a good reference I think.
You can set a goal for the number of steps in a day. Since I have an office job, I set mine for 6,000. I have hit 6,000 steps once, and it was on the Sunday we went to the RV show. I'm trying to reach the 6,000. I mean, I pee at least 6 times while I'm at work, I print everything on the printer that's not in my office. You can even have your FitBit alert you when you are halfway to your goal or once you've achieved it.
So far, the sleep part has been my favorite as it has really cleared some things up for me.
Now, this part only works if you are diligent about when you "Begin" and "End" your sleep. I begin once I'm done playing on my phone for the night or crawling back in bed after getting up to pee or tend to Tucker or Diesel, and I end before I even get out of bed for the bathroom, the dog, Tucker, or for the day. I mean, tracking my sleep was one of the two reasons I shelled out the money so I need to be serious about it. On the sleep page, there are two important parts. How long your sleep lasted and what you did during your sleep. The picture on the left is a typical night for me, except I usually get up at 5:30 and not 5. I think Tucker woke up early this day and we snoozed in the chair (which I didn't track). The picture on the left, well that is an reflection of the gift from God last night. Nearly 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Those little numbers under the start and end time are important, especially the ones in the parentheses. The 10 mins restless is pretty self explanatory, but Danny told me that the (#x) is the number of times you turned in the night. I'm still trying to figure out the total time part though. Last nights doesn't really add up, so I'm either bad at math or there is some magical equation they do to factor in your restless time. It really could be either.

Those are my thoughts on my FitBit. I really do love it. It's helped me figure out that I need to get off my ass more throughout the day and that my sleep leaves something to be desired most nights. Most moms of 13 month olds probably think the same thing, but at least I have evidence now.

Do you have a FitBit? Let me know and we can be friends!


  1. So what you are saying is I really need a FitBit? haha. I have been looking at them admiring from afar. Tim just got me a Polar for my birthday in October and I would hate to buy a Fitbit and replace his present... but it will happen someday.

  2. I have one! How do we add each other??

  3. I've wanted a fitbit for so long...I clearly need to buy one! Maybe the 10 minutes is the total count of time you were restless for, broken down in 7 different instances?

  4. I have one as well... i'm princess3733

  5. Those things are so interesting! It would be hard for me to keep track of so much, yet I think it would be really eye opening! 6,000 steps in a day seems like a lot! I wonder what's "average"?!

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