Jan 26, 2015

Weekend Recap

Having to be at the doctor first thing in the morning is really getting in the way of blogging. Better late than never I suppose!

Friday after work I got to spend some time in the kitchen making a nice dinner for my boys. It does me some good every once in a while to get in there, make a mess, and deliver a delicious meal. I love it. I made lasagna rolls and they were delicious!
Tucker approved!

Saturday was a fun day. Tucker and I had brunch with my BFF Shelby at IHOP. It was delicious. And it was good to see her since it had been about 6 weeks.

After lunch we ran some errands with my mom. Tucker got so spoiled by his Gigi. Go figure! His current obsession is brooms. Yep, the cleaning tool and I'm not exaggerated at all when I saw obsession. He has a pink and purple one because that's all our local Target had at the time. Well, my mom's Target had a red and green PUSH broom. When he saw it he dropped the book he was looking at and got the biggest smile on his face. In the cart it went. Well, actually in Tucker's hands it went. 

After we got home we ate dinner. I made a turkey burger for myself and it was delicious. 

Tucker went to bed shortly after dinner and I stayed up working on Danny's Valentine's Day gift from me. Its turning out pretty cute!

Sunday was a fun day. After church, I got a couple things around the house done before Danny and I went on a movie date. We dropped Tucker off at my mom's so we could go see American Sniper. If you haven't seen it yet, please go see it. It was incredible. It really sheds a light on what our brave men go through to protect our country. And it also shows what their whole family goes through. It was a really  powerful movie.

After the movie, we headed back home since the weather was getting bad. We had a baaaaad wing craving so we ordered Bdubs on the way home. It was so good even though it was a little cold from the drive home. 

After dinner we all played, watched tv and just lounged before Tucker put up a good bedtime fight. He's such a stubborn thing!

Now its time for a week of meetings and more resting of the leg. I had my MRI this morning and the weekend of "rest" brought more pain. I'm going to be surprised if I don't end up in a boot by the end of the week. Lovely.

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  1. Hubby and I are going to see American Sniper tonight, I plan on bringing a box of kleenex...I hope your leg isn't messed up too bad:( I had started training in September for a marathon in May, but messed my knee up, so thats a no-go.

    Rest when they tell you too!!! Good luck mama...