Jan 28, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: 1/28/15

When I left off on Monday, I said I would be surprised if I wasn't in a boot by the end of the week. Well, I'm surprised.  The MRI did not show any stress fractures. While that's a huge relief, it's also frustrating. After 5 days of rest, my leg was feeling worse and hurting more often. I've been in this position before. From age 13 to about 18, I saw 6 doctors, 2 chiropractors, and one Amish doctor (clearly I was desperate for answers) to find an explanation about why I was having so much back pain. I eventually found the answer at the 6th doctor who discovered my tailbone didn't develop right and everything in my lower back is just kind of crowded. Hopefully this pain doesn't take 5 years and 6 doctors to figure out.

For right now, my plan is to start exercising again and get more calcium into my body. In my non-medical through Google only research opinion, I think my bone density has been compromised, leading me to this pain. A couple of things that lead to a loss of bone density (again, through my Internet research) are being on birth control and the absence of your period. That would be me. So, I went and bought some calcium + vitamin D supplements (calcium is fine and dandy, but needs vitamin D to absorb into the body) and will work on eating/drinking more calcium rich foods. And apparently drinking beer helps? Here's a shitty picture I sent to Danny yesterday from an article by Dr. Oz (so this is obviously true) about my discovery.

Okay, so onto Weigh-In Wednesday, where once again, I am surprised. I'm also going to reveal my Before & After pictures for T25!

Last Week: 160.2 lbs
This Week: 161.0 lbs
Change: +.8 lbs

I'm okay with this gain. It's understandable and expected. The last time I worked out was last Wednesday, I ate Buffalo Wild Wings and IHOP over the weekend, I devoured some movie theater popcorn, and I pretty much went over in calories every day. And I enjoyed every bite so I'm okay with the small gain.

Now, the pictures. I don't think there is a huge change between the before and after, but there is enough of one that I'm pleased. Also, please ignore my dirty bathroom mirror in the after pictures. Ain't nobody got time to clean with a teething, into-everything 13 month old. Before is on the left, after is on the right. My nice, labeled pictures won't upload.

My Starting Weight: 165.2 lbs
End Weight: 160.2 lbs

I didn't measure inches or anything like that. I'm happy with  my results. To be able to lose ANY weight through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is an accomplishment.

That's all I have time for today. I was going to share what I'm doing now, but that will have to wait for next week. I started on my Pinterest workouts last night and I kicked my own ass. My legs are sore today!

Have a good Wednesday! :)


  1. Ughh, so sorry you're having to deal w/ this additional pain... hope the extra Calcium helps and they can get you straightened out!

  2. Hope your figure out what is going on. That doesn't sound like fun.