Jan 14, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday: 1/14/15

Its time for Weigh-In Wednesday again. I'm kind of baffled at the fact that its already Wednesday again.

Here are the numbers:

Last Week: 162.6
This Week: 162.4
Change: -.2

This morning was one of those weigh ins where once your scale finally stops waffling back and forth you just look down and say "Are you shitting me?" I did so well last week, minus the Captains on Friday, which was pretty much my only cheat. I ate well all weekend and even told Danny it was the first Monday in a while that my jeans didn't feel tight. Today's weigh in was a womp womp moment.

I began Week 5 of T25 Beta last night. I am a couple of days behind due to some 13 month old shenanigans. I swear, that kids sleeping habits are mind boggling. Our lives don't really accommodate sleep training since we fly by the seat of our pants most days, so some tough bedtimes are to be expected. Anyways, I am down to my last week. I'm losing steam. I don't know if its because I'm bored, or if I don't feel like I'm seeing change anymore.  Right before Christmas I was feeling like I wasn't slimming down any. I did some comparison pictures and did in fact notice a difference. I did more last night (Day 1 vs first day of the very last week) and I can't really tell a difference. I don't want to post any before and after pictures yet though. I'll do that next week (provided that I'm able to get all my workouts in). I will finish the program though. Which will be a huge accomplishment alone.

I've got a game plan for life after T25. During my downtime at work, I've been mapping out my exercise plan.  If I don't go into next week with a plan, I will be screwed. I dug through my exercise board on Pinterest to find different workouts by category then wrote them down.

Then I've been writing them on notecards so I can have them handy during my workouts.  If I just hopped back on Pinterest to find them, I would get distracted, so this feels like the best way to prevent that and stay focused.

Hopefully this works and gets me in gym mode. I'm going to pick a couple of workouts from each category to make up each days work out. I've got a rough idea of what I want to do each day (bottom left corner of the page with the different categories). I'll do the same set of exercises for a couple of weeks to give them time to do their thing.

That's my plan for now. Basically this weigh-in sucked, but that happens. Now I just need to work through it and keep going! Especially since this kid is going to keep me on my toes.  I can feel my hair turning grey already.



  1. I haaate those moments on the scale but don't even worry about... you KNOW you had a great week and that's the most important thing! The scale will catch up, I promise!

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  3. Great way to protect yourself from Pinterest and its amazing powers of distraction! Oh my! You have your hands full with your little monkey's climbing - be brave, Mama!

  4. Good luck with your new exercise plan. I'm sure you can do it! Planning will make it easier, and you've got that covered.

  5. Congrats on the small weight loss! Its still better than gaining a pound. I'm sure your new workout schedule will help with losing weight. Keep it up! estherdavison@gmail.com

  6. The scale means nothing! I way more that I have in a long time, but it's because I have built up muscle.:) Way to go on getting your groove on!!

  7. You look so organized with you workouts! I feel like I have to have a DVD playing for me to focus on my workouts. Oh I am glad I am not the only one with a climber!