Jan 7, 2015

Weigh In Wednesday: 1/7/15

The first official Weigh In Wednesday of the new year. And it's not a terrible one. I've honestly kind of been dreading this weigh in, but really who doesn't? We just got through 5-6 weeks of eating and having little control over what is provided for us to eat at holiday functions. Then for some people (read: me) a day or two of bad eating can lead to a few more slip ups. It happens. You just have to accept that you've goofed, then move on.

Let's get to the numbers.

Last weigh in(12/17/14):163.0 lbs
This Week: 162.6 lbs
Change: -.4 lbs

While its not a huge loss, its a freaking loss. I managed to lose almost a half of a pound during the holidays. Heck yeah! That's what sticking to your workouts while you marathon eat for days will do for ya!

T25 is... going. I just started the 4th week of the Beta round. I really like to start the weeks on Sunday so I can use Saturday as a make up day if necessary, which was the case for Week 3. But, with the whole Tucker falling off the counter incident and then his bedtime shenanigans on Sunday when I was going to make up for the last workout of that week, I fell behind. I finished Week 3 Monday morning and was able to start Week 4 last night. Shaun T is kicking my ass and I LOVE it. Rip't Circuit was last night and so far it is my favorite workout of both rounds. I think it might become my go-to back up plan when we join the gym and there are days I can't make it. Such a good workout.

Eating has gotten back to normal. I've been making much better choices. Though last night's dinner was a bit rough calories wise, but I had to throw something together that wasn't in the plan since Danny unexpectedly didn't need to go into work until 7p, meaning I had to provide dinner for him too. I made it work and still had 19 calories left for yesterday. My challenge of eliminating sweets has been going okay too. No slip ups so far!

Being that I am a planner, at least a flexible one, I like to have an idea of "what's next" so naturally I've been thinking about what I'm going to do once T25 is over for me. I know there is a Gamma round, but I just don't see me shelling out the money for that and I'm ready for something new. Like I've mentioned nearly every week, we are going to join the YMCA. But we are probably waiting until late February or early March to do so. That's at least a month and a half after T25. I've toyed with the idea of doing the 30 Day Shred. But I've also toyed with the idea of putting together an at home workout plan with Pinterest workouts with free weights/bodyweight to ease me into coming up with my own workouts to prepare me for going to the gym. (I like to prep myself for things almost as much as I like to plan things) So, I'm not really sure what's next this time. All I know is I need to have a plan because my body is now used to working out 5 or 6 days a week.

Hopefully the holidays weren't rough on you. And even if they were, that's certainly okay!


  1. Heck yes!! Losing any amount of weight over the holidays is freakin' amaaazing!!! And now it's the new year, those holiday goodies are allll behind us, and it sounds like you're back on track... onward and upward my friend!

  2. I can't wait till I am at that point of getting use to 5-6 days working out. Congrats on the loss.

  3. Girl, its taken me a month to lose a single pound..but it is a LOSS. Take it! ha.

    Honestly if you've done T25, the 30daySHRED will be too easy for you.

  4. Way to go on the loss! Take what you can get and a big CONGRATS for losing it over the holidays.

  5. Great loss! You could join us for the 21 Day Fix ;)