Jan 20, 2015

Note To Self

Dear Erin,

Last night you completed the 5th workout for T25 Beta Round. That means you have ONE workout left. 25 minutes of hard work + 3ish minutes of stretching. For the love of all things Holy, make sure you do that workout. Get it done tonight or tomorrow. I'm giving you the option because when you woke up this morning, your leg hurt more than it did yesterday and the day before. So, after this very last work out, take the rest of the week off so you can get back on the horse and keep working.

Finishing this workout program is a first for you. You've done the 30 Day Shred, but skipped the last 3 days because you found out you were pregnant and got super nervous to workout that intensely. You did Couch25K, but skipped a couple runs the last week because you didn't have time. Even though you've skipped one of the ab workouts in T25 Alpha Round due to the strain it puts on your tailbone (that problem happened after Tuck was born) we are going to act like you did the whole program since you can't do anything about your tailbone. When it started acting up again, you replaced the ab workout with the upper body workout instead of just skipping it. You've clearly changed your perspective on this whole working out thing.

I know you're nervous about what comes next. But, you've mapped out a good plan that is definitely manageable. You've done the research and prepping. Now its time to just do it. You've come a long way in the last year (or in 11 months since you were cleared to workout). Do not stop here!

Keep going so you can:
- Fit into those jeans from the Buckle that always make you feel like a million bucks
- Feel good wearing a bathing suit for the first time in a long time (or ever)
- Chase your kid around this summer. He loves being outside and now that he can walk and climb, you better be ready.
- Run the 5K in town again, and maybe even sign up for a few more
- Be a good example for your children (current and future)
- Be healthy. You've watched family members suffer health wise due to not taking care of themselves. You told yourself you'd never let that be you.

Please keep going!


  1. You're doing so good and I know you'll keep it up! Your first goal on that list is similar to my short term goal... I have a brand new pair of American Eagle jeans in the next size down that I'm focusing on. It will be a bit, I'm sure... but by the time we go away for a long weekend in March, I want to be wearing those jeans!

  2. Your last "keep going..." is my first. Heart disease runs in my family, my grandma has diabetes and I have watched a few people my age pass from heart attack or stroke. I can't help but feel this was because of how they cared for themselves. I am not letting that happen to me...