Jan 12, 2015

A Near Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was one of the better weekends I've had in a while. December had some fun weekends with birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and a night out with friends. But this weekend was a different kind. The slow, relaxing, no real plans kind.

Friday was a super shitty day at work. I think I cried twice. One being the result of getting my ass chewed out over the phone by some arrogant asshole who I have never met over something I didn't do. Like he yelled the F word at me a couple of times. So that was awesome. I left work and went straight to CVS where I picked up some Admiral (The cheaper, just as good Captain). Wine wasn't gonna solve this bad day. I started feeling better after a drink and a couple bowls of broccoli and cheese soup. I had 2 large bowls. There are worse things to binge on besides skinny broccoli and cheese soup I think. Once Tucker went to bed, I decided 8pm was a good time to put the new TV stand together. It took 4 hours and 3 drinks but its together.

Saturday morning Tucker and I lounged while Danny got to sleep in a bit. Once he was awake we headed down to my mom's to meet her for lunch and do some shopping while she watched Tucker at her place. I thought I was ready to buy jeans. I'm not. We did run into a high school friend and had a nice long chat with her so that was fun. After we picked Tucker up we headed home where I got a quick workout in. Then it was time to make dinner. I made crab balls (RECIPE) and they turned out delicious! Danny is a crab cake lover so I knew they would be a hit. They were only 55 calories each too, which was the best part! Once dinner was over and Tucker went to bed, I meal and grocery planned so I could make an early trip to the grocery Sunday morning before the ice storm madness.

Sunday morning as the boys headed off to church, I headed to the grocery. It was sooooo nice being there, alone, in an almost empty store, with a Starbucks. I loved it. The rest of Sunday was filled with lounging, playing and a family nap. 

Like I said, a pretty perfect weekend was had!

Oh, and Tucker is walking! He won't really commit to it, so he's only taking about 5-10 steps at a time, but he's walking. Lord help us.


  1. Now the fun starts. Once Oli started walking he was climbing too.

  2. That is ridiculous how people treat those that work with the public. I totally know how you feel. I had a lady tell me the other day that she hopes I get into an accident when our office moves to a different location. WTF! Lol. How fun that Tucker is walking! :) Those crab cakes look amazing - and only 55 calories! Score! TOo bad I don't like seafood... womp womp!