Nov 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was one I will never forget, thats for sure!

Friday was a pretty chill night. Danny and I ran a couple of errands then went to visit my grammy in the hospital. It was our town's scheduled trick-or-treating, but we weren't home for that so who knows if we got any trick-or-treaters. We will just have to continue eating the 2 large bags of candy ourselves I guess.  :)

Saturday morning I got up and lounged for a little bit then worked on another Tucker project. I got the last wall decor project done for his room! Now I just have to get it hung up. I have one more project left for his room and that is the dresser. We are using my old dresser... that has been sitting in a garage for about 8 years. It requires me to clean it extensively, sand it (maybe just a little) paint it, and get new hardware. I wanted to at least get the cleaning part of it done Saturday but just thinking about it made me tired. So I went back in the house and took a nap! My mom came up to get things ready for the baby shower. She volunteered to make (poor man's) ham salad sandwiches (bologna, mayo, relish, egg, and cheese), which really meant I was in charge. My dad made awesome ham salad and I can get it pretty close. To make it correctly, you need one of these bad boys.

You can make it in a food processor modern day food processor, but from what I hear it kind of sucks. After our work was done, I headed to my nephews birthday party then my mom and I watched Modern Family and hung out with my brother and his girlfriend. Those 2 helped me change the cover on my Snoogle pillow. That was seriously a 3 person job. No Joke!

Sunday was the big day: Shower day! We assembled sandwiches and took it easy most of the morning since we were up earlier than we should have been due to daylight savings. I'm sure I'm going to looooove springing forward with a baby! The shower was wonderful and I have THE BEST mom, sister-in-laws (current and potential) and mother-in-law in the world. It was a beautiful day and Tucker has way more stuff than we probably know what to do with! I'll have a whole shower recap later this week, but here is a preview!

Isn't that insane?! Going through it all to determine what we still need and what needs to go back will require a well thought out plan.

After the big shower, Danny and I went to the hospital to have a small shower with my Gram since she couldn't make it. She called me a little bit before the shower so upset, so my aunt and I decided to have a small shower in her room. I brought her a couple sandwiches and a cupcake and we opened the gifts from her and my aunt. The room was decorated with blown up gloves... which kind of looked like utters, so it fit the theme of the big shower. It was all good. 

After the mini shower, I came home and crashed.

It was such a good weekend, but I need another Sunday!

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  1. Awww! That is so sweet that you had a little shower with your Grandma! You looked beautiful for your shower!