Nov 27, 2013

36 weeks & the "Oh Shit" appointment

Bumpdate on a Wednesday? Yep! These posts are numbered, and shits getting real, so I didn't want Thanksgiving to interrupt the regular scheduled programming :)

Baby size: Honeydew
Any symptoms?  back pain, more frequent swelling, horrible sleep, carpal tunnel, high blood pressure
Cravings? cheeseburger, cheesecake
Favorite part this week? getting things mostly ready for his arrival
Least favorite part this week? my wedding/engagement rings are officially off
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker Paul it is!!

So, our appointment yesterday was interesting. Lets start with me sitting on the couch before I left for it. I had this feeling that I should put my bag in the car, but I talked myself out of it and chalked it up to me being ridiculous. I arrived at the hospital where my doctor is and I run into Danny's cousin who is really close to us in age and has 2 children. She's all, "how are you feeling, blah blah" then  says "wow you look like you swallowed a balloon!" Gee thanks. Lets point out that she has had 2 children so she knows how awesome you feel about yourself at 9 months pregnant. This trip to the doctor is off to a great start!

I get up to the appointment and get called back where the nurse checks my BP. She doesn't look thrilled so Danny and I ask what it was. 148/88. My exact response was "what the hell" and she tells me to go pee in the cup so she can check for protein and she's going to take it again and to not worry yet. I managed to stay pretty calm so I'm proud. Second BP was 145/80something, then the third was 140/88, which is acceptable. The nurse told Danny while I was in the bathroom that my OB's cut off is 150/90. Sooo, I was really close to having a baby yesterday and me thinking I should put my bag in my car wasn't ridiculous. It will definitely be going with us next appointment.

Originally, my only question for yesterday was how far over my due date would she wait to induce. Well after the BP issue she kind of laughed at it. She says I'm "brewing" and that she doesn't THINK anything will happen in the next week, but probably after that. She said I'll be lucky to go another 3 weeks. She would like for me to stay pregnant another 2 weeks, and becaue of that, I am now on modified bedrest. When she left the room I looked at Danny and it was another priceless reaction. His face was tomato red and he looked like someone had gut-punched him. Like I said, shits getting real and its very likely that there will be a baby here well before Christmas!

Since you won't heear from me tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones while stuffing yourself past the point of uncomfortable. Don't forget to wear pants that have some give to them. If you're a woman, just go with your leggings. And no matter what you are, here's a little reminder for you.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    And hang in there, Erin! I think you look beautiful. 9 months pregnant and all! ;)

  2. 157/94 put me on modified bed rest 5 weeks prior to my due date....
    You are so right..shit's getting real!!! I'll be thinking of you! I still think you look fantastic, and you for sure have that mama glow :)

  3. Erin you are the cutest pregnant girl!! I hope Tucker decides to arrive soon, becuase I'm sure he's going to be the cutest too!:)

    1. Well thank you! :) Hopefully he decides to stay cookin' a couple more weeks then he can come out anytime!

  4. Oh my gosh that is all so exciting!