Nov 12, 2013

Pet Peeves

Over the last couple of weeks, or we could probably just go ahead and say months, its safe to say that I've gotten easily annoyed. I feel like thats par for the course when you're pregnant anyway.  I mean, I usually get annoyed with the general population and wonder if a lot of them have a brain. I've been told a couple of times that I'm kind of impatient. Just a couple though.

Aside from some of the random annoying actions of people that set me off these days, my non-pregnant pet peeves are still present and far more annoying these days.  I have yet to go 100% raging bitch on someone, but that doesn't mean I didn't think it wouldn't happen. Or won't still because the closer this thing gets to the end, the more nervous/anxious I get, and the more that happens, the more on edge I become and when I'm on edge I just might snap.  So, before I go off one someone, I need to just flat out bitch about them.

1. When someone texts you and you call them within minutes of receiving the text and they don't answer the phone call. I'm pretty sure the first thing that flies out of my mouth when this happens is "what the f**k?!" I really don't understand. I usually respond with a call when I'm driving or if I feel the response is complicated. It is one thing if I call and it is an inconvenient time to answer. I'd love nothing more in that instance for the person to press ignore when my call comes through then text me explaining that it is not a good time to talk. It really chaps my ass though when I call, they don't answer and then I hear nothing for a while.

2. Not using turn signals is just silly. They are there for a reason people! I have had an issue with this since the day I got my license. Not using them can easily slow the flow of traffic. Just use them.

3. Acquaintances that text me when there is a bad car accident or fire asking if I know anything. This happens since Danny is a firefighter. I mean, I fully expect my GOOD friends and family members (yep I'm talkin about you Mom) to text me asking, but people I've hardly spoken too since we've graduated high school... uh, no! Here are my issues with them. 1. I don't like being used. 2. We don't speak. 3. Does the term HIPAA violation mean anything? 4. We don't speak. 5. Let's just think about this for a second. I probably get my info from Danny and if the accident is so bad that you need to know what is going, who is involved and all the questions answered.. don't you think Danny is PROBABLY a little busy? If there is a fire, he is either covering station, at the fire, or hell, he could be IN the fire. Or if it's an accident, lets not think about the horrible things he could potentially be seeing. Its not like he's calling time out for fun every 10 minutes to tell me who was involved and what the injuries are or the damage is. He's gone for hours at a time if the trouble is that bad and by the time he gets home, the news is alllll over Facebook, accurate or not. Oh and 6. We don't speak.

4. When people say they are going to do something with you and then it doesn't happen. I get so damn irritated when I make plans with someone, I write it in my planner then build my schedule around it, only to find out that they didn't do the same. I get that things come up, trust me. But we ALLLLL know those people that this happens with continuously. That is what bothers me.

So, now that the pregnant lady is good and wound up, do those things grind your gears too? Or is there something else that really just strikes a nerve and sends you on a rampage?


  1. 1. me too! 2. When people take up 2 parking spots in a really good parking area in the parking garage! (this might have chapped my ass this morning!) 3. when the person in front of you doesn't hold the door...and you are CLEARLY right behind them!

    Hang in there hormones, you are so close to being done!!!!! and ps, I loved this whole blog post :)

  2. your number three is my number one. i hate it. even close friends (not other fire wives) and family piss me off when they do it. it isnt your business to know first. i mean, how would you like it if your loved one was in a car accident and people were calling and texting or facebooking around before you even got word of it?! think first, people! not to mention I am lucky to even hear what kind of call he is even going on (fire, rescue, car accident) before he leaves the house! hes usually out the door before his tones finish! ugh!! okay, end rant. :)

  3. I can relate to allllll of the above (except the fireman's wife thing). So very annoying! I'd hate to be the person that you go off on! Hopefully this post makes you feel better though! It's all very legitimate and normal matters to be annoyed about! In addition to those things I can't stand when someone calls you and you obviously didn't answer for a reason but they call back again, and again, and again! I also can't stand when someone chews with their mouth open like a cow! I think my list could go on and on so we'll leave it at that! Haha! Have a great day!