Nov 21, 2013

35 weeks!

My due date is getting closer and closer and closer. I keep getting more and more excited and nervous about it too. Time for a bump date... I even put on the appropriate bump shirt!

Baby size: coconut
Any symptoms?  back pain, more frequent swelling, heartburn (I keep forgetting this one), horrible sleep, carpal tunnel
Cravings? I had to have Pizza Hut on Monday.
Favorite part this week? getting closer to getting his nursery complete
Least favorite part this week? I'm exhausted
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker Paul it is!!

A good night's sleep is now a thing of the past and I can't even pinpoint what the cause is because its likely a number of things: the human rolling around on my bladder, the heartburn/acid reflux that has come close to making me vom, or that I can't get comfy. I am only sleeping in 2 hour stretches, sometimes 1 1/2 hour stretches. So its really a series of naps every night. I've also read in a few different articles that carpal tunnel is a symptom. I couldn't understand why and still don't, but I do know that its true. My fingers hurt at all times. Its kind of nuts.

This weekend is a Tucker weekend for Danny and me. Danny tried doing something in his room the other day and got extremely frustrated with the bags of baby stuff everywhere. So, we're buying the rest of what is needed and going to start putting things away now that his closet storage is complete and the dresser is done and inside. I can't wait. To me this is the fun part. Organizing, decorating and just all together getting ready for our little man's arrival. 

Thats all for today :) It's almost Fridayyyyyy!!


  1. you look so great!!! I can't believe how quickly this has gone by! I have the worst heart burn too. Have you talked to your doctor to see what you can take? I have to take a Zantac every single day or I'm miserable.

  2. My doctor approved Zantac as well!