Nov 6, 2013

My wonderful baby shower

I've said it a hundred times and I will say it again... I hit the mother f'ing jackpot in terms of in-laws. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would marry a man and I love each member of his family the way I do this one. They have been so accepting of me since day one (well all but his mom, but we got over that when she knew I wasn't just some fling) and I just seem to fit.
Sunday was baby shower day. Danny's sister, step sister, sister-in-law, and my brother's girlfriend (who BETTER end up being my sister-in-law one day, or my mom and I might disown him) hosted. My mom played a big role before and after with set up and tear down, but during the shower she just took her time to enjoy being the grandma to be (or Gigi to be), which is exactly what she was supposed to do.
We are doing a farm theme in Tucker's nursery, so the girls went with that for the shower. And they did great!When I got to the place they were throwing it, I walked in and was amazed. Each table was decorated perfectly, the food all looked delicious and the drink area was freaking adorable, complete with a barn piñata and tractors. Here are some pictures from the day, most courtesy of my mama.
Before Danny dropped me off

The food spread. We're saving a couple of the blue things having from the ceiling to hang above his crib instead of a mobile.

The adorable cupcakes

An close up of the cupcakes. I didn't get a chance to eat one until on the way home.

Drink station. The bale of hay came from Danny's mom's barn haha.

My mama and I
Honestly, I'm showing people where my belly button was. We played a game where people had to tear off a piece of crepe paper the size of my belly. Funny story, one of my skinny bitch friends (she isn't really a bitch, although you'll think she is after this but knowing her the way I do, she was completely clueless), had no idea how to guess, so she just wrapped it around her body 3 times. Homegirl weighs probably 105 lbs fully clothed and in Ugg boots. Fortunately, 3 times around her twig waist was more DOUBLE the size of my belly.
Also, if you look closely you can see mini hay bales on the tables. There were 4 on each table and they all had a baby/toddler picture of Danny or me on them. They did this for my bridal shower too, except they used embarrassing/awkward teenage year pictures too.
A couple of sorority sisters and then a couple of high school friends. Yellow pants is the skinny bitch from the story above. But as you can see, I hang with a bunch of twig bitches.
All the gifts once we got them home

Tucker has just about everything he needs, except for some of the bigger things we didn't put on the registry like a mattress for his crib. He even has the most adorable pair of Sperry's that my mom got him. I forgot to take a picture before I came to work though.

It was an incredible day and it honestly took me all of Monday to recover.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful shower! Love the farm theme!