Nov 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This girl survived the shopping weekend with the girls in Danny's family. The adult girls anyway. That's right, at 8.5 months pregnant, I shopped like a freakin champ for 2 days. Its going to take a good week to recover probably, but I handled it pretty well. Other than some swelling in my hands and sweating like a bitch, it was okay.

Friday morning we took off for Michigan and stopped 3 or 4 times on the way. We also watched The Heat. O.M.G. Freaking hilarious! My poor mother-in-law though. We always pick these hilarious movies that she can't watch since she's driving so she just has to listen to us laugh our asses off. We're usually half popped while this is happening too, but we left earlier than normal and I'm knocked up so no Captain for Erin. Once we arrived, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel and headed to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland to get that out of the way.  Even though Danny and I were just there in September, I managed to spend nearly $70. I amaze myself. The rest of the night was spend lounging in the hotel room and eating.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at the outlet mall.  We show that mall who is boss with our coupons. I shit you not, we strategically plan our checkouts based on the amount of money that can be saved.  We'll combine orders, rack up the balance on Danny's sisters Old Navy Card, check phones for email deals, or consider buying gift cards to pay for our merchandise just because if you buy so many they give you a coupon. This is all on top of the Veterans Day deals that the mall already has going on. Its amazing. I did get a cute red infinity scarf for $2. Tucker made out like a bandit between his mama, grandma and aunts. I've spent the last 2 trips having my sister-in-laws pick clothes out for their kids for Christmas and this year I had to do that for them. It made my heart smile :) I got Danny a couple things for Christmas and I may have already given him a sweater I picked out. We really suck at keeping things a surprise.

While we were at lunch yesterday before heading home, we were talking about what we hoped our husbands did while we were gone. I told them I secretly hoped Danny cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and my Jeep. When I got home, the bathroom was SPOTLESS! The kitchen wasn't cleaned, but that's okay because our dishwasher is coming today so its in a state of distress anyway. I did get a peak at his to-do list he made for himself for the weekend, and the kitchen and my Jeep were on it. So he did think about it. The bathroom was my number one wish so he gets hubby of the weekend.

Oh, and I failed to take a single picture the entire weekend. Yep. We never take any so its not a huge surprise.

Exciting news... Friday night I got a text that our maternity pics are DONE! I should be getting them today and I can't wait to see them!


  1. Love your shopping tactics. I'm a sucker for a good deal too! What outlet mall do you go to in Michigan?

  2. Sounds like an awesome shopping trip! Gotta love the good deals! We live about an hour and half from Frankenmuth. I love going there! If you ever make it later in the season there is a house just out of town a little ways that set ups lights and decorations like a play to music. It's really neat! Looking forward to seeing your maternity pictures! :)