Nov 25, 2013

Our Baby Prepping Weekend

First off, a little housekeeping since there are some new eyes around these parts. I really have never posted all of my social media stuff, Holly usually just does it for me.  Anywho, here's what I do: I do Instagram - erinshell10 and I tweet - ErinShell1021. So, there are those. Hopefully you stick around since its about to get interesting... aka I'm about to be responsible for another life.

Ok, we did GREAT this weekend prepping for Tucker!

Friday night we lounged and had at least a 30 minute discussion on where we were ordering dinner from. Not kidding. I also got a load of baby laundry done so I would have a headstart Saturday/Sunday. Danny and Diesel also snuggled and it was cute.

Saturday the work began! We got the Jeep cleaned out (trash and junk wise.. still needs swept) and after that we got ready to head out the door and finish up the baby purchases.  First stop was Lowe's for a dresser handle then it was off to Target. All returns went off without a hitch! I had matched and taped receipts to the return items and even taped items from the same receipt together. That helped. Also, if you're missing receipts but the items came from your registry, you can print a Purchase Log and that can act as a receipt. Super helpful since you're allowed to return only so many dollars worth of merchandise per year. Between gift cards and returns, we only had to pay $16 for a crib mattress, changing table pad, a couple breastfeeding supplies and some household items. Woo Hoo! Next was lunch because homegirl was hungry. I wanted a cheeseburger and Five Guys did not disappoint... like they ever really do! Buy Buy Baby was the next stop and it was the expensive one since thats where a couple bigger items came from and we only had 2 gift cards. We got the last carseat base, Rock n Play, more breastfeeding things, thermometer, nursing pj's and sheets. After that trip, I wanted cheesecake and felt like we deserved it. Plus, Cheesecake Factory is only right down the road from Buy Buy Baby, which is an hour away from home. Can't pass up a chance like that. I napped on the way home and that gave me energy to do more work when we got home. I organized my closet (wasn't in the plans, but Tucker's cubical thing was too big for his and mine fit just perfect.), folded and put away laundry and started more.  After all that, I was beat!

Sunday after church I was a laundry machine! I had 3 loads washed, dried and folded by noon. Check me out. That pretty much wore me out for the day though and I leisurely worked on finishing up my hospital bag, packing Tucker's, putting more clothes away and doing more organizing. We also got the carseat installed in the Jeep! I didn't get off the couch much after all that. I planned out my Thanksgiving dinner contributions so I can make a grocery list. Wednesday night is going to be full of prepping thats for sure!

Like I said, we did great this weekend and I would feel ok if Tucker were to arrive any day. Still too early for him and there are still quite a few things to get done, but we're practically ready.

Here's to a short week this week! Hope you all enjoy it!


  1. Hooray!!! The end is in sight!

  2. Where do you live? I only ask because we have a Cheesecake Factory right near our Buy Buy Baby too! haha!

    Sounds like a great weekend :)

  3. Found you on Instagram :) Pretty soon you'll be posting adorable pics of your little man! :)