Nov 14, 2013

34 weeks!

So you know how in last week's bumpdate I mentioned how the "any day now" time period was coming up? Well, apparently 34 weeks is when everyone around you starts freaking out. Two funny things happened yesterday. The first was at work with my brother. He's been asking me random pregnancy questions throughout, which is kind of sweet, but they are getting more serious. Like Tuesday when he asked me what would happen if I went into labor at the diaper party he is throwing since I will most likely be the only one 100% sober. (If you don't know what a diaper party is, its the dad shower basically... there is a keg and if guests want the keg, they bring diapers.) Well, yesterday we were looking over something and then he asked "What if your water broke right now?" Then last night, Danny called his best friend and he didn't pick up. Said friend called back while Danny was in the other room so I picked it up. I said hello very cheerfully and his friend says, "you're not in labor are you?!"  Like I said... people are starting to freak out.

Onto the goods...

 Baby size: Butternut Squash
Any symptoms?  back pain, more frequent swelling, heartburn (I keep forgetting this one), horrible sleep
Cravings? fried chicken still, pancakes from ihop
Favorite part this week? shopping for Tucker with my in-laws!
Least favorite part this week? feeling like shiiiit the other night
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? Tucker Paul it is!!

I think I jinxed myself on the swelling.  My hands were swollen from Friday morning to Sunday night. They swelled on the way up to Michigan (I got really hot at one point) and just kind of stayed that way. I felt fine most of the weekend, except for in church, where I got really hot again. I felt kind of dizzy and broke out in a cold sweat. So, I just took a seat while everyone went up for communion and remained there until it was time to leave. Once I got outside I returned to normal... until Tuesday night.

Tuesday I felt pretty good until around dinnertime. After we left IHOP (the pancake craving was fulfilled), I started feeling bad and was getting a headache and my back was aching differently than normal. I tried to ignore it so we could go to the grocery and to breastfeeding class (which was super helpful!) Halfway through breastfeeding class, I was becoming a hot mess. My cheeks were flushed, I felt a little light headed and despite the Tylenol my headache wasn't going away. Danny was even a little concerned and he never says points out that I look like I don't feel good. Once we got home I went straight to bed and felt fine when I woke up yesterday. Hopefully these waves of feeling bad aren't the norm from now until the end.

We had a check up Tuesday as well (it was a busy day!), but had to see a different doctor. Right as were were taken back to the exam room, our dr was called to check on a patient in labor who ended up needing a c-section. I don't mind when things like that happen because that could easily be me in a few weeks. Anyways, the doctor we saw said I was measuring a week ahead. She wasn't concerned because she said unless its 2 weeks or more (behind or ahead) they don't get worried. I'm not concerned but for a different reason. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my OB said my due date was closer to 12/31. Well, the baby's measurements have since bounced back and forth between measuring with 12/25 and 12/31. He'll be with one at one ultrasound then the other at the next. I've stuck with 12/25 the whole time, but my drs office has stuck with 12/31 and has it that way in the computer. So, to the doctor the little guy is a week ahead but to me everything is right on track :)

I'll leave you with a preview of our maternity pics. I really love some of them, maybe even most. But there are a few that I look large in and can do without lol.


  1. Your bump looks amazing! I love that idea of a diaper party- I had never heard of that!

  2. You look absolutely beautiful! I am 20 weeks pregnant and haven't had many cravings really, but I craved IHOP when I was pregnant with my now 12 month old son. :)
    The Grass Skirt