Nov 26, 2013


Last night I wrote a post for today. But it isn't this one.

I wrote a post bitching about the fact that Danny and I have FIVE places that we have to go to for Thanksgiving: Danny's moms's, Danny's dad's, my dad's family, Danny's bonus family, and our house for dinner with my mom. 4 on the actual day, plus a dessert stop with Grammy at the nursing home, and 1 on Saturday with Grammy and some more of my dad's family. I say have to because the one furthest from our house is 15 minutes.

As ridiculous and absolutely crazy having 5 places to go is... at least I have somewhere to go. Hell, I have multiple somewheres to go. Some people don't even have one place to go. Or what would almost be worse, they have somewhere to go but can't afford to get there. So, I won't bitch about our Thanksgiving Tour today. (I've decided thats what I'm calling our holidays... Tours).

Ever since my dad passed away 3 years ago, I've tried to adopt the attitude that it could always be worse. Most of the time I do pretty well with this. And since then I've adopted Danny's attitude of "it is what it is." Even when someone who my family trusted goes behind our back and tries to steal all of our customers from the business, I told myself "at least I have a college degree I can fall back on" unlike my brother at the time.

So, even though my Thanksgiving will require some careful planning from how long we'll be at one to what I'll put on my plate at each, I am thankful that I have still have the family that I have. And I'm super thankful for Danny's family.  My dad's family has always been full of drama and people with piss poor attitudes (most of them anyways), but aside from my brother they are all I have left of my dad. And Grammy won't be around much longer. I'm thankful for my mom. She's incredibly supportive of everything I do and will never hesitate to sacrifice what she wants as far as the holidays are concerned in order to accomodate my brother and I's other places we need to go. Danny's family, both his mom and dad, have been so accepting of me since day one. The very first Christmas at his dad's I even had my own stocking. And Danny's bonus family, well they are just that.  Its just one more family that is here to love us, Tucker and any future children we have.  

So, yes, we have 5 places that we have to go to for Thanksgiving. But we could also have nowhere to go.
And even though its absolutely stupid, it is what it is and we're going to make it work.

Great Inspirational Quote There is Always something to be thankful for

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