Dec 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights

So I skipped out on blogging yesterday. Mondays are becoming rough, even more so when you're coming off a 4 day weekend where you're running yourself ragged one day then doing absolutely nothing the next. I'm one of those people that needs a steady flow of activity. I don't like running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but if I spend an entire day doing nothing but watching tv/playing on the computer, the next day is rough. It takes a while to get going. This was even true for not pregnant Erin.

So Thanksgiving. This is how this that marathon day went: Breakfast at Danny's moms at 9, got home around 11:15 to make dirt pudding and pecan poppers (they were like mini pecan pie muffins, delish!), lunch at Danny's dads at 1, make a 2 hour visit to Danny's bonus fam from 3:30-5:30ish, drive to Anderson to see Gram at the nursing home, leave there at 6:30 to make it back to our house to have dinner with my mom, brother and his girlfriend and eat at 8ish. Not even kidding, that was our day.

Friday I paid for it. My mom and I had plans to work on finishing Tucker's room, which is vital now since he could arrive sooner rather than later. Yeah... we didn't do that. We watched tv, I napped, my mom cleaned my kitchen, we visited Danny for a blood pressure check, ordered dinner and watched a movie. I wouldn't trade that whole day lounging with my mom for anything. Its been a long time since we've done that.

Saturday was Thanksgiving with my dad's family. We arrived 15 minutes late and everyone was waiting on us to eat. I felt bad for about a second. Its not my fault that their Thanksgiving meal depended on green bean casserole. It was a good time though and I was relieved because holidays with them can go one of 2 ways: really great or bad and since I am 9 months pregnant and can't drink I wasn't sure what to expect.

Saturday night was the Diaper Party for Danny/Egg Nog Extravaganza. My brother (with only a little bit of help) threw the diaper party for Danny and the Egg Nog Extravaganza is a party that we host every Christmas season. It was such a good time. A lot of our friends came, we got a great start on diapers and I even got to see my mother-in-law drunk. We are a lucky little family for sure!

I got my shirt at Motherhood Maternity. It says "All I want for Christmas is you Baby" Perfect for a Christmas party!

Sunday wasn't too busy. We had lunch with some friends and then we had Danny's grandpa's Christmas dinner. Afterwards we went and picked out our Christmas tree.  Danny helps the guy that sells them unload them every year, so we get ours for free. And it gets better... I got to pick out a wreath for our front door and that was free too. All we had to pay for was a grave pillow for my dad and the tree juice. Not too bad for a couple hours of Danny's time.

After all of THAT, its no wonder I was exhausted yesterday. Today its off to the doctor for a blood pressure check. If you don't hear from me, its because I'm off having a baby.


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  2. I'll be thinking of you! Good luck girl!!!!