Dec 31, 2013

Tucker's Newborn Pics + an Update

I finally have a chance to share the sweet pictures of my precious boy. Our mornings have been kind of rough the last few days... and that's because our nights have been rough. We're back on a good schedule though so hopefully we have less and less rough nights.

Anywho, the real reason you are here... the pictures.  Tucker didn't love having his picture taken, so we couldn't get many different poses.  The kid hates to be naked.


That last one is my absolute favorite. I fall more and more in love with this precious little bundle every single day.
Now for an update. Last time I left off saying surgery may or may not be in my future. Went to my OB last Monday, so the 23rd, where I got an antibiotic, pain meds and a referral to the general surgeon. Monday night I took another Epsom salt bath and it started drawing out the infection and the cyst started draining. Exactly what I was after. Tuesday morning around 2am, my mom and Danny were picking me up off the bathroom floor after I passed out. This happened when I had the cyst in high school. I don't know if its from the pain or what, but it causes me to pass out. After crying hysterically then getting a little sleep, Danny took me to the ER where they lanced and drained the cyst the rest of the way. It hurt WAYYYY less than the surgery and I felt better almost immediately. I kept my appointment with the surgeon and he said I do not need surgery. Thank the lord! I kind of wanted to kiss him. The bad news of all this, my milk supply took a hit. I think the combination of the stress and just not nursing because I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did caused it. I'm doing all I can to get my supply back.. oatmeal, fenugreek, mother's milk tea, water... all of it.
That is all for now. I'd share my resolutions/goals for 2014, but I have only thought of 2 so far.
Lets talk about the 2 moments where I've wanted to cry in public. Saturday Danny and I went on a date. His mom watched Tucker and we went to Outback. After we went to Kohls to get Tucker some more clothes so he didn't look like a bum all the time. I'm paying and the cashier asks WHEN I'M DUE! I cut her some slack because we were buying newborn stuff and when I told her the baby was actually 3 weeks old you could tell she felt like an asshole. We went grocery shopping yesterday and I'm not sure what brought this one on, but the bag boy said something along the lines of "wow you have one already and you've got another one on the way?" Are you freaking serious?! Its sweats and hoodies from now until I lose the rest of the weight.
Hope you all have a SAFE and happy new year! Its just Tucker and I tonight. Danny works tonight. I bet I'm asleep by 9.. and then up again as the ball is dropping. Ahhh, life with a newborn!


  1. Newborn pics are adorable! Love that strawberry blonde hair. I am so glad you don't need surgery. What a relief that must be to you! Don't worry about the baby weight. Kennedy is one and I still have 10 pounds left until I'm at my pre pregnancy weight. She's worth it! People should know better than to say stuff though, sheesh.

  2. So happy to hear that you don't have to have surgery! I hope your pain goes completely away and you can get back to normal! Love the pictures of Tucker! He's precious! Happy New Year! :)