Oct 22, 2013

You know you're pregnant when...

There have been so many times throughout my pregnancy that I just stop what I am doing and say to myself, outloud even, "Yep, I'm pregnant." Whether its because of pregnancy brain, a crying fit or avoiding a simple task because it seems monumental due to the basketball on my front side.

Here are some of the obvious signs that confirmed I was pregnant, you know, besides the 4 positive tests and 5+ ultrasounds.

You know you're pregnant when...
- a sink full of dishes can cause uncontrollable sobbing
- a whole glass of water at 9pm causes heartburn at 9am the following morning because: glass of water = multiple trips to pee. multiple trips to pee = super tired. super tired = coffee with breakfast. coffee with breakfast = heartburn
- you start relying on your toes to pick things up for you
- you would give your leg and left boob for a nap
- your husband is afraid to leave you unattended because of your pregnancy brain
- the amount of clothes you buy in a 6 month period is the same, or even a little more, then you buy in a 12-18 month period
- you spend 5 minutes at the grocery store talking yourself out of the smores Goldfish and the french toast Goldfish, then have to talk yourself out of the smores waffles too.
- your husband questions your sanity
- you question your sanity
- choosing what to eat at the state fair seems as monumental as choosing a college
- you know realize how much food/drink you actually drop because at the end of the day you have at least 1 stain on your shirt because your belly catches those things now.
- you think "I'm growing a human" is a valid argument or excuse for just about anything you do or don't want to do.

Pregnancy is a funny thing. It makes you do funny things, think funny things and feel funny things. And the best part is you have NO idea when those funny things are going to hit you.

I'd love to hear about all the things that you all have done that made you stop and think to yourself "yep, I'm pregnant"


  1. I had an uncontrollable urge to scrub my trash can lid with bleach so it was sparkling. Have I ever done that before? Or have I done it since? Nope!
    My water broke later that night... :)

  2. I use the "I'm growing a human" excuse all the time!!! :)

  3. Hahaha! Never been pregnant and this was still hilarious!

  4. Love this!!! My husband def. worries when I'm left unattended haha especially with two littles aswell!

  5. Hilarious! I've put a couple of things in the freezer lately (butter, keys, dog toys). Also, you know you're preggers when it takes 15 minutes to put on a pair of socks...let's not talk about the shoes.