Oct 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another good weekend has come and gone.

Friday afternoon my aunt called and said my Grammy thought she had cellulitis again and needed to go to the hospital. My aunt lives 4 hours south of us and she couldn't get ahold of Gram's sister.... soooo I finished up a couple of things at work, went home and changed clothes, grabbed some snacks and met her at the hospital. We spent almost 4 hours in the ER and then she got sent up to a room where she will be on IV antibiotics for a few days. Last time she had this, she was in the hospital for about 5 or so days so we'll see what happens. I got home close to 10pm and went straight to bed and waited on Danny to get home from the football game and dinner with a friend.

Saturday was suppose to be firetruck rides for all the little kiddos but they got rained out. So, we went and got breakfast, then ran around Muncie for a little bit. I got stuff for our Halloween costumes for next weekend and stuff to finish Tucker's name. Danny was a trooper about me springing a quick stop at Kohls, that also turned into me running into Maurices. Walked out of both emptyhanded. Womp womp. When we got home I got Tucker's name done and I am so pleased with how it turned out. I can't wait until his room is all put together! The rest of our night was spent munching on our Chili's take out, crafting on my part, bow shooting for Danny and then a few episodes of Parenthood.

The highlight of my Saturday was getting the collage of our wedding photos hung up in our room. 

In order to prevent there being a bunch of holes in the wall since there were so many pieces, I used those 3M command strips.  They make 3 different sizes for hanging pictures so they were wonderful. I can't decide how these little magical strips came to be.  I'm convinced they were either invented by:
A) A husband who was tired of hanging shit up for his wife, OR
B) A wife who was tired of her husband not hanging her shit up
I can't decide. Danny chose Option C, which is they worked together. How loving of him!

Sunday was good, but pretty tiring. My morning was spent meal and grocery trip planning and paying bills while catching up on General Hospital for the week. (any other GH watchers out there? I need to you to speak up!) After all that fun, I headed to visit Grammy then meet my mom for some Lowe's shopping and dinner with her and my brother. I went to the grocery on the way home and that just about killed me. Why on earth I would choose to go on the biggest grocery trip in months, on a night Danny works, at 7 months pregnant, is beyond me. Won't do that again. I felt like I was crawling through the store. But, its over with and we now have enough food for the next 2 weeks (minus fresh produce). When I got home I watched the Colts/Broncos game. I normally don't watch football, but with all the talk about this game I had too. Colts won! I was really excited for them, especially Andrew Luck. He pretty much signed up to be in Peyton Manning's shadow just being on the Colts, but to be playing against him. That was a lot of pressure I would think. I am only semi regretting staying up until midnight to watch the end of the game.

Now, its off to the dentist. I HATE going to the dentist. Like its my least favorite thing to do. So this Monday is off to a GREAT start.

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