Oct 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend down. These weekends are flying by and I know it has got to be because we have so much crap to do before our little man arrives. And this one was far less productive than the others, but we had lots of fun!

Friday after work I went to visit Gram at the hospital.  She was asleep so there wasn't much visiting with her. Danny and I were planning on going to the sectional football game after we went to his brothers for a little bit, but as we were pulling in Danny got called into work. This is the second time in a row that we've planned on going to a game and we ended up not being able to. It was fine though. I went home and crawled in bed.

Our maternity pictures were scheduled for Saturday at noon. When we got up that morning it was gloomy and VERY windy. The photographer called and said lets do it tomorrow. That was fine by me. So, we took off for the hospital to visit Gram and then to Lowe's to get a shelving system for Tucker's closet. I kindly informed Danny of all the things we needed to get done by December so he was on board for errand running. Lowe's is very helpful in helping you determine what you need. They will even cut shelves for you so they fit your needs. Didn't know that. We went home and lounged for a few hours before heading to our friends' Halloween party. We failed to get a picture of our costumes, but Danny was a milkman and I was a pregnant housewife. Easy peasy.

Sunday we got up for pictures again and it was a gorgeous day! Still a little windy every once in a while, but much more manageable than Saturday. We took pictures for about an hour and a half. I cannot wait to see them! Later in the afternoon we took off to Indy to meet my mom for dinner and go to HH Gregg. My mom's company was invited to a special event where they get to enjoy a Friends & Family discount so we took advantage. This lady got herself a new dishwasher last night and it should be here and running in a couple of weeks. (If you're new around here, my dishwasher is an absolute pain in my ass. Like brings me to tears pain in my ass) My mom got me an early Christmas gift.. a new Kuerig.. since my current one is being a shithead. She said its kind of for her too since she's going to be staying here after the baby is born for a week and we can't have a faulty coffee maker. It was a successful trip to HH Gregg I would say.

I'm currently eating a cupcake with my breakfast, simply because its Monday.

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