Oct 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday at 2:30pm I thought the weekend was shot. I was sitting at work and my head was pounding, I felt so congested and I felt like I was getting a fever. Awwwwwwesome! So, at 3, I went home and got in bed, which is where I stayed until about 8pm when Danny got home from hunting and brought me dinner. I got up for about 30 minutes because I HATE to feel like I'm being worthless.. sometimes. I decided to finish clearing out the baby's room... which lead me to a pile of crap. Literally, a pile of dog crap. Thanks, Diesel! This was after Diesel refused to let me take a nap.. needing to go out every 30 minutes to make sure the grass was still there, demanding treats (which he didn't get), and barking just to make sure he still could. Cleaning that up justified spending the rest of the night in bed.

Spending Friday afternoon/evening in bed was what I needed. I felt pretty normal Saturday. As soon as I got up I started laundry and did dishes. Productivity stopped shortly after when I found myself 3 episodes further into season 1 of Parenthood. Whoops. After Danny woke up (he slept til almost 12. I love when that happens because it reminds me that he is human :) ) he watched an episode of my new favorite show and accused me of wanting to be a Braverman after I mentioned they drink wine at every. single. meal!  Danny's brother showed up to check out the baby's room since he said he would paint it for us.. next thing I know he's carrying in his case of beer and supplies and getting after it. I mean, ooookay! While he painted, we went to the festival in town to get lunch, then ran to get another gallon of paint and a milkshake from Steak n Shake. (Caramel apple is delish... go get one this week) We got back just before Danny's brother was leaving for the day.. he got the trim done and left us a little surprise.. A Jellybean for our Jellybean :)

Yesterday was a girls day with my mama. We got lunch at Paradise Bakery then hit up the maternity clothes store... for the 3rd time. Hopefully I got enough clothes to last me through the rest of pregnancy. I'm still rocking some non-maternity clothes that were too big pre-pregnancy so it's possible.  After a stop at Target I was done! I could not wait to get home and spend the rest of my night on the couch. My back was killing me. I was going to fold laundry but the thought of bending over to get them out of the dryer made me want to cry.

I also couldn't wait to get home and see the painted nursery. My brother-in-law did a fantastic job. And now... the real fun begins!

This weekend was a good mix of productivity and relaxation. Hopefully they are all like that from here on out!


  1. Dog crap! Noooo...I'm sorry you had to deal with that! And while you were sick!
    I want to be a Braverman too! I don't see the problem with that.
    Everyone keeps talking in bloglad about the Steak N Shake milkshake, but we dont' have one around here so I'll have to take your word for it!
    Also, I remember when I was pregnant I was so stubborn and tried to do everything by myself, including laundry. But once that rock-hard baby belly started ballooning out, I could barely bend over, much less get clothes out of the dryer. That became my husbands job in those last few months. Oh the things we take for granted...like shaving legs! That was so hard to do when pregnant!

  2. Dogs! I love the color for the baby room. I can't wait to see the finished product.