Oct 10, 2013

29 weeks!

We're almost to the 30 week mark. For some reason, I feel like 30 weeks is a pivotal mark and is huge! Why is this? Not a freakin clue, but whatever. This week has been pretty good overall and I am pretty glad its moving along so quickly. I'm very anxious to meet and cuddle my little boy :)

Baby size: Acorn Squash
Any symptoms?  back pain was rooooough on Sunday night, all of Monday and most of Tuesday. heartburn is pretty serious still. some very light cramping but it went away quickly
Cravings? tacos. We seriously almost ordered tacos Tuesday night at like 9pm
Favorite part this week? I feel like my bump has rounded out a little bit more. Last weeks picture had this awkward flat part on the front
Least favorite part this week? I was still kind of an emotional mess earlier this week
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? We are back at Tucker Paul

PS - I hate this picture. I feel like I look huge and I'm blaming the shirt, since its not a maternity shirt. But, I've taken all of the monthly pictures in it so I'm going to stick it out.

This week hasn't been too bad, which I'm very glad about.

We attended a Newborn Care class last night.  It was pretty informative and made me feel better.  I guess I did know a little bit more than what I originally thought, but I did pick up a couple of things as far as all the testing they'll be doing after he is born and what not. Next up is a breastfeeding class. I'm still up in the air on childbirth classes. I do know that I will be getting an epidural... this girl won't be doing the natural birth route. I'm unsure about childbirth prep classes because I can't decide if I want to know every single thing that is going to go on before hand or just get thrown into it and learn as I go.

Have any of you taken classes and did they help or not? Or have any of you not taken classes and still felt like you were okay?


  1. I took a breastfeeding class and that helped my nerves a LOT. I also think that if you have good support after baby is here (friends who have/are breastfeeding) will help too! We also took a child birth class....I don't think it helped me much. I had planned for an epidural also. They really taught breathing methods, but I didn't even remember that during delivery. You are so close to being done!!! yay!

  2. i took the cildbirth classes and if you are someone who wants to have a birth plan for your doctor to follow and know all your options, then they are for you. if you are like me and you go with the flow, whatever happens happens attitude, then dont waste your time.

  3. I'm debating on the childbirth class. I'm scared. Lol You look great!!

  4. I enjoyed my childbirth class because I connected with a lot of other moms with around the same due date as me. It was fun socializing and discussing symptoms, cravings etc...Did it help? Sorta. It helped me understand what to expect during the birth but didn't not prepare me for how bad I would after the birth. I also enjoyed getting to tour the labor and delivery wing. I thought it was worth it. Btw, totally love the name Tucker!

  5. You look GREAT Erin!! I'm 23 weeks today (with my first) so I've truly enjoyed following your blog! My MIL used to teach the Bradley Method which is all about natural childbirth...I'm not 100% sure that I'm sold because my pain tolerance is ridiculously low. However, she's offered to teach us the basics and we've been thru one session with her already and aside from the "method" it made me feel better to learn a bit more about what's going on with my body and certain stretches that will help with painful areas. I think it's important that every woman know what's going with their bodies, if they want to. The one thing to keep in mind is that only Tucker (and God) knows when he's going to make his appearance into this world so we can't force him out before he's ready! It's all about how to make mama feel comfortable while waiting for the little angel's debut. Good luck with the next 10 weeks...I'll keep reading! You look FABULOUS dahling!

  6. I just went with the flow when ti came to child birth, no classes. I didn't wait to see what I was about to experience because I knew it would just scare me that much more. You have to do what you think is right for you. You look great.. only 10 more weeks.

  7. You look adorable! I actually found peace about the epidural after my birthing class. I always thought it was some huge needle they jammed in your back but then I found out it's tiny and felt like a little sting. Not bad at all.