Oct 17, 2013

30 weeks!

30 weeks! I cannot believe there are only 10 weeks (OR LESS) until we get to meet this sweet babe.

 Baby size: Cucumber
Any symptoms?  back pain, peeing a lot, and I'm kind of hormonal
Cravings? I really want Chilis. Hopefully I can talk the hubs into going tomorrow night before the football game!
Favorite part this week? Being 3/4 the way through!
Least favorite part this week? Hormones
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? We are back at Tucker Paul for now

Pregnancy hormones are no joke. I've been kind of bumming lately. I don't really know why. Danny's only explanation is pregnancy. I just have zero motivation to do anything at work or home. Thank God I'm my own boss and if I want to slack I can slack sometimes.

Really though, if I don't get Chili's soon (a Tripple Dipper with boneless wings, southwester egg rolls and crispers if we're being specific) I might cry. You know what else makes me want to cry? The fact that my Kuerig is being a complete asshole. I've wasted 2 k-cups this morning because when the coffee is done, it has coffee grounds in it. Like bad. I'd go for the "third times a charm" but I'm out of Truvia packets. Rough morning so far!

I'll quit bitching now. :)

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  1. looking good!
    i swear end of pregnancy horomones are so much worse then the early ones! hope you get out of your funk (and into Chili's) soon!