Oct 3, 2013

28 weeks!

So am I really in the 3rd trimester? Already? Its officially crunch time.

Baby size: Eggplant... just like with the rutabaga, this comparison doesn't help me all that much
Any symptoms?  back pain is constant. heartburn sucks. some nausea. fatigue is making its way back.
Cravings? caramel apple shake from steak n shake. its so sad that the closest one is 15 minutes away
Favorite part this week? the increased and stronger movements
Least favorite part this week? I think I might be having some anxiety about being away from work for most of December and January
Boy or Girl? BOY!! :)
Names? We are back at Tucker Paul

Now that I am getting closer and closer to December, I am starting to get really nervous. Not so much about the fact that I'm entering motherhood, although I'm sure that's going to send me into a sob-fest at some point, but more about work and being away. I've been in the big chair since my dad passed away in June 2010, so taking an extended break from said chair is causing me some anxiety. It's not that I don't think my brother is capable or that the business will fall apart without me there, I just don't have confidence in my ability to fully prepare him and the other guy before I leave. I don't know why, especially since my house is literally 4 minutes from the office, my business partner is my brother who I'm sure I will see, and the other guy is my freaking neighbor. I'm also worried about all of the things my brother and I need to/should accomplish before mid-December. I'd like to have it all done by December, but I'm going to be flexible since I'll be going to the doctor more now and he's also in school.

I'm also making a mountain out of a freaking mole hill.

In happier news, we're picked a day for maternity pictures. Yayyyy. The photographer emailed me back last night and now we just have to settle on a time and find outfits.

Time out for fun: I'm watching the Today show right now.  Miley Cyrus is going to be on the show Monday and performing. And apparently in her documentary or whatever that was on last night, she called the VMA performance a "strategic hot mess"  Okay, Miley.

I'm on the hunt for more shirts this weekend. Fall weather isn't getting here quick enough for me and I seriously had to pull a shirt out of my hamper the other day. True story.

We are off to the doctor this afternoon. And after, I'm going to enjoy a cupcake that my mom bought for Danny's birthday.


  1. Looking great as always mama!

  2. You are too cute. Pregnancy brings anxeity. Just keep telling yourself everything will be ok, because it will. I can't believe you are in the 3rd trimester. Seems like yesterday you were telling all of us the news.

  3. oh my gosh! I am 30 weeks on Thursday! yay another December baby!! (I'm a December baby too) and I am having a girk. Its my first baby too and I am having some anxiety as well. I have to tell myself over and over that everything will work itself out. And it wi?. Just remember to relax because the baby needs it.