Oct 30, 2013

Soooo What Wednesday

Oh Wednesday. I dislike Wednesdays for some reason. Thursdays though.. I love Thursday. And that's because the next day is Friday, and I try to not work very hard on Fridays. This happened in high school, it happened in college and it still happens as an adult but not as often as I'd like. My brain just shuts off Thursday at 3pm, 4pm if I'm lucky. Thursday is also Grey's Anatomy night. One thing that makes Wednesday a little more enjoyable is Shannon's So What Wednesday link up.

So What if...
- I bought some large blueberry muffins last night at the grocery and practically ate one in the parking lot. I'm surprised I made it outside honestly.
- I'm trying to cut back on the amount of tv I watch (why? I don't really know) and I watched 4 hours last night.
- my original goal was to have Tucker's room done by the baby shower and it's only half way done. Shower is Sunday people.
- I've decided I'm not taking any childbirth classes since the Internet is a wealth of knowledge these days.
- I told myself I would start waking up earlier about a month ago and I have yet to do so.
- my cereal of the week is Lucky Charms.
- I want to spend the entire morning writing in my new Erin Condren Life Planner instead of actually working.

- I feel like my food choices have resembled a 6 year olds lately.
- I wanted to have Christmas shopping mostly done at the end of October and I've only purchased a candle for my Grammy.
- I just want to lay in bed with Danny and Diesel and watch Parenthood all day.

Hope you all survive hump day. Its only 9am and I feel like going to bed already.

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