Oct 9, 2013

So What Wednesday

I am sooooo happy its Wednesday already. This week hasn't been terrible or anything, I'm just really looking forward to the weekend. Even though my Friday night is most likely going to consist of laying on the couch watching tv. But for now, it's still only Wednesday and I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew and saying "So What" to some things that might seem like problems but don't bother me a bit.

Life After I Dew

  So What! if....
- my kitchen hasn't been cleaned in over a month and I'll be lucky to get it cleaned this week or weekend
- I've planned whole day around being able to get Taco Bell for lunch
- those plans for the day include my glucose test and when I get Taco Bell I'm going to chug a Diet Mountain Dew like its going out of style
- I ate 4 slices of turkey at 2am
- I'm practically counting down the days until I can unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day
- I'll probably buy 3 large bags of Halloween candy even though we'll have a total of 10 trick-or-treaters
 - Danny and I's costumes for a Halloween party we're going to makes me giggle when I think about it.

That's it for this week. Tonight we are attending a Newborn Care class at the hospital we'll be having this kid at, so that should be interesting. I know just about nothing about caring for a baby so hopefully this class will teach me most of what I need to know. We shall seeeeee.

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  1. I hated the glucose test. It literally made me sick to my stomach and dizzy. Since I could't eat until I took it I couldn't wait to eat after. I almost had to call my husband to come get me from the lab, that is how dizzy and sick feeling I was.