Oct 25, 2013

Five On Friday!

First things first... a big hello to all the new readers! Holly's cash giveaway did wonders for sponsors! Love that Holly and her brilliant ideas.

Secondly, I'm getting back into the Five on Friday link up with Darci at The Good Life Blog. Its been a couple of weeks and I've missed it. It helps me get a couple of thoughts out of my head and into words, preventing them from bouncing around more than they really should. Its pretty great.

ONE - My mother-in-law got me a prenatal massage for my birthday in August and I finally used it yesterday. OH. MY. WORD! That was the most beautiful 60 minutes I've experienced in the last 8 months. I am 99.9% positive that I fell asleep twice. Not like full on sleep since I had to turn from my back to my side then to my other side, but I nodded off a bit. Probably came close to snoring. Tucker enjoyed it too, until the end when we started getting hungry. He likes to kick me when its getting to be meal time. I told Danny's mom thanks and she mentioned there may be another one in my future. I mean, okay!

TWO - We're getting our maternity pictures done on Saturday. Two things about that... First is its pretty chilly here right now. Like 28 degrees chilly. Granted, it is only 9 am but still. That's not very October-ish, but this is Indiana. Saturday at 9 it could be close to 50, we don't know. Next, I haven't tried on my outfit since I bought it a few weeks ago. I should probably get on that tonight. Like as soon as I get home from work in case I need to sweet talk the hubs into taking me shopping. He's gonna looooove that one. I'm really looking forward to pictures though. Not gonna lie, I kind of enjoy having my picture taken... being a Leo and all.. we like being the center of attention for a little bit.

THREE - Mama's getting a new dishwasher! This has been needed for a couple of months. Our dishes come out with crumbs on them. Its really quite disgusting. But as soon as we threaten the dishwasher that its getting replaced, it gets its shit together and things come out spotless for a wash or two. We've tried Dishwasher Magic, we've tried this other cleaner, Danny took it apart, I've cried in front of it... NOTHING WORKS! So, Sunday night we're going. My mom's company got invited to a Friends & Family sale at HH Gregg so I told Danny we're going and we're leaving with a delivery time for a new dishwasher. So, if you have a dishwasher that is just wonderful, I want to hear about it. We have a Maytag right now, but apparently the life expectancy on those is only about 6 years.

FOUR - Something else that has been on my mind as I've hit the 30's in this pregnancy... my hospital bag. I said once I hit 30 weeks I would work on it. So far all I know is what bag I'm bringing for myself. 30 weeks is probably a little early, but the next few weekends are busy and when those are over its practically Thanksgiving. Once Thanksgiving is over, we're right there at the "any day now" point. I need to start making my list, like today. For myself, Danny, and the baby.

FIVE - Danny posted this on my Facebook yesterday and said "sounds about right" and every single one of those 10 rules fit Diesel, in case you ever wanted to know what he is really like. Every time we walk in the door, we get the 3rd degree. He has to sniff us from head to toe, twice, and sometimes he will even lick our arms and legs to make sure we even taste the same. (He's really weird) #10 is true too. He'll sometimes open the door to come in and sit in front of me while I pee. I can't wait until him AND Tucker have to join me at the toilet.

That's all for now! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I stumbled upon your blog from reading Holly's! I'm excited to read a blog of someone whose close to me--Indiana. I'm in Indiana too--probably not too far from you, freezing my ass off :) Happy Friday!

  2. Prenatal massage is amazing!!!! I think every preggo woman should get one. Can't wait to see your maternity pics!