Oct 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was yet again another good combination of productivity and relaxation. These might be my favorite kinds of weekends. Responsible Erin and Lazy Erin both get what they want out of those 2 1/2 days. Its great!

Friday I really just wanted to go home from work and veg out on the couch all night, but part of me knew that would drive me crazy. So, I texted my bff Rachael and my old-new friend Chelsea (more on the old-new another day) to see if they wanted to run to Hobby Lobby with me and then go get dinner, so we did that. I wanted to get our house numbers to put on the big S hanging on our front door, but HobLob didn't have ones small enough, so I got some things to start on one of my projects for Tucker's room.

Saturday Danny wanted to go to this place where they do battle reenactments. This one was for the battle of 1812. His school went on a field trip, but mine never did so it was my first time seeing it. It was pretty cool. All of the vendors and participants were dressed up like they lived in the 1800s and the things they sold were modeled after those times too. We bought some root beer from one of them and it was real root beer. I wanted it for the bottle because it was cool. Turns out, I don't like real root beer. I like the fizzy kind, not the syrupy seems flat kind. Danny liked it though. We got up there around 11:30 and by 1:30 this girl was over it. It was hot, my back hurt, my hand were swelling and I was tired. When we got home I put comfy clothes on and we got to work on cleaning the kitchen and dining/future play area. After that little burst of productivity, we spent the rest of the night watching Modern Family.

Danny had to work Sunday, so I spent Sunday morning on the couch watching the entire weeks worth of General Hospital. My mom came up to bring us some chili and to go to Target with me. We pretty much go to Target every weekend. She helped me get a cubicle storage system for Tucker's closet and some other things. We watched Little Fockers while we waiting on my brother to come over.  We needed him to get the storage system out of the car and into the house. Watching my mom do it at Target was almost painful and she wouldn't let me help her at all, so we called Drew. After they left, I didn't get off the couch until I went to bed and it was nice. My back was starting to bother me again so I didn't do anything the rest of the night.

Hopefully the rest of the year contains a nice mix of relaxation and productivity like the last couple of weekends have.

Oh, I was also on a pumpkin kick this weekend. Details tomorrow :) I have some fun, easy recipes coming your way! Speaking of recipes, Sunday morning I did some blog work. The "Good Eats" page now has all of my posts with recipes and the "Pinterest Adventures" page has posts with Pinterest projects.

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